Toyo Adtec Pte Ltd

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  • - 4th Floor

Employ breakthrough technologies.  Simplify processes. Shorten development cycle times. Lower operating costs. These are constant challenges as the electronics industry rushes to bring faster, smaller, cheaper and more flexible products to the market. Toyo Adtec responds by leveraging its presence across Asia Pacific to discover and deliver the smartest solutions cost effectively. Smart, practical equipment.  Reliable materials.  Responsive engineering services. Cost-competitive customers rely on Toyo Adtec to stay ahead.

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  • 主軸維修.
  • 機台維修及保養.
  • 半導體二手設備.
  • 零件買賣.
  • 晶圓封裝耗材:提籃.鐵框.擴張環.刀片.膠帶.