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"TKK -The Key to Success "

TKK has always been devoted to offering the industry with the latest technical resources and to providing our customers with the professionalism and enthusiasm. TKK is a well known as a distributor for optical storage equipment, PCB equipment, semiconductor equipment, chemical materials and equipment and software. With our expertise and abundant experience, TKK has every capability to provide equipment and service for the whole production line factory wide. 

To keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, TKK continues to introduce equipment for higher PCB technology and semiconductor products. We also develop complete production equipment for flex PCB to meet the needs in 3C industries. Furthermore, TKK has invested in the opto-electronics sector, chemical application and precision testing equipment. We are making the best efforts to provide a full range of equipment and service, so as to fulfill the increasing variety of customer needs.


  • Fluxless soldering using Electron Attachment (EA)
    Proprietary, patented innovation for wafer level packaging applications including wafer bump and copper pillar reflow....

  • The EA-based technology offers the following benefits for wafer bump reflow:

    1) Enhanced bump reflow quality because the flux induced solder voids and wafer contaminations naturally disappear.

    2) Improved productivity by having in-line process capability, eliminating post wafer cleaning, and avoiding furnace down time for cleaning.

    3) Reduced cost of ownership to end users due to eliminated costs associated
    with cleaning equipment, cleaning solution, labor work, and flux.

    4) Improved safety by eliminating flux exposure and using a non-toxic and non-flammable gas mixture.

    5) No environmental issues by eliminating organic vapors, hazard residues,and CO2 emission.