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Hypersonic will be your best semiconductor solutions gateway

Founded in 1987, Hypersonic has been a professional semiconductor and electronics industry distributor for decades.

Hypersonic specializes in IC packaging, IC testing, MEMS, Opto electronics, and automation systems.

We provide customers with overall value-added services, including product development, technical support, and process integration. Our business is mainly based in East Asia.

We have 6 sales offices and one manufacturing center in Taiwan and China. These facilities can offer our customers resource-integrated solutions and in-time services. Each member of Hypersonic cooperates closely with principles to provide optimal services to customers.

Our staff consists of an excellent team with sufficient experience in the IC industry. Taking the customer-oriented approach, we focus on providing the best solutions to our customers.

Continuous training and broadening professional technology are what we are always pursuing, which can give the customers the competitive edge to succeed in today’s dynamic market.


  • Coorstek
    Major product : capillary , wedge...

  • In 1970, Gaiser Precision Bonding Tools invented the first alumina ceramic capillary, revolutionizing wire bonding.
    In 2007, Gaiser Precision Bonding Tools became a brand of CoorsTek Incorporated -- a large US-based technical ceramics manufacturer providing advanced technical ceramic components to high-technology markets including semiconductor, electronic, medical, energy, and defense.
  • Dynatech

  • Dynatech offering various wafer form handling & process system for IC assembly , such as wafer taping , wafer mount , UV irradiation , de-taping ..etc. 

    Dynatech is very flexible on customerized design.

    Dynatech is strong on Fan-out process equipments.

    Pls refer to : http://www.dynatech.co.kr

  • Hypersonic 3rd OPT system
    Semi-auto Wire bonding inspection...

  • -Stereo Zoom Microscope with high resolution CCD
  • Hypersonic handler
    High speed gravity handler : Action series...

  • -Tube Input/ Tube Output ( For SOP Family Packages)

    -Small footprint

    -Short index time and high UPH

  • IMAS
    IMAS provide manipulator solution to handle test heads weight from 120Kg to 500Kg....

  • With a wide array of knowledge and experience, IMAS Solutions has been committed to provide high quality and cost effective solutions toward the precision and equipment engineering in semiconductor. IMAS provide manipulator solution to handle test heads weight from 120Kg to 500Kg.
  • Johnstech
    Johnstech offers test contactors and related services with the highest electrical and mechanical performance on the market....

  • Johnstech offers test contactors and related services with the highest electrical and mechanical performance on the market, ensuring global semiconductor manufacturers and test houses the most stable and reliable contactors that deliver the most accurate and reliable test for a wide range of applications.

    With Johnstech, customers can reduce development time, transfer test seamlessly from characterization to production, increase yields, and improve overall test floor and equipment efficiency.

    Johnstech is your contact for higher performance device testing, delivering the accuracy that characterization testing deserves and the reliability that production demands – test after test.

    We are a global, high technology company with ISO-certified cutting-edge R&D facilities in the United States....

  • More than a manufacturer, we are a global, high technology company with ISO-certified cutting-edge R&D facilities in the United States that enable us to manufacture groundbreaking products such as Keteca Diamaflow™, the world’s leading brand of dicing solutions and surfactants, and Keteca Diamablade™, a technological breakthrough featuring superior blade performance.
    The major product: AOI/AVI imaging inspection, reel to reel capability....

  • With high speed and advanced imaging technology, KGKAZA's easy-to-operate systems enable top quality production for COF , FPC and Cu foil web inspection …etc.
  • Meiki
    Major product : Vacuum & pressure laminator for Flipchip NCF...

  • MVLP can be used to laminate irregularly shaped products that is a part of thin type displays, extremely thin PCBs or semiconductor wafer by uniform static pressure.
  • Microvision
    MicroVision, made by UST Singapore, provide highest performance lead scanners with tape & reel solution in terms of accuracy and production throughput....

  • MicroVision, made by UST Singapore, provide highest performance lead scanners with tape & reel solution in terms of accuracy and production throughput. Product lines cover gravity tube-handling and pick & place tray-handling machines. Inspection items include 2D/ 3D/ top & bottom PVI and latest 5S.
  • Momentive

  • Momentive is a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, with a broad range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies support and improve everyday life. Momentive uses its technology portfolio to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world. Silicone material is widely used in semiconductor industry including Flip Chip Lid attach, MEMS, and junction coating. 
  • MSC (Materials and Surface treatment Chemicals)
    MSC is a technology-intensive company and sets priority in community services and customers....

  • Since the company establishment in 2005, we always sincerely appreciate the support and love our valuable customers have rendered to the company, MSC Co., Ltd.In order to stay highly competitive globally as well as at domestically, we have been focusing on developing our products through our own researches and technologies. Our lines include additives, corrosion inhibitors, cleaners, activators and a catalyst as well as eco-friendly products related to electronic components, such as semi-conductor, PCB, and cellular phones. The excellence of our chemical products related to electronic components is recognized worldwide. They are being exported to Southeast Asia, Japan and China.

    We, MSC. Co., Ltd., have been doing our best to be responsible and reliable all the way from new product development and strict quality control through to the perfect after sales services under the business philosophy of “High Responsibility and Trust Management”. We will always be a future-oriented company and meets customers’ expectations through continuous research and development.

  • Musashi
    Major : Fully Auto Dispensing system , dispensing module...

  • Dispenser for FlipChip underfill,MEMS devices , Camera module and sensors.

    MUSASHI is a complete manufacturer of dispenser , with the overwhelming share of the dispenser market in Japan. MUSASHI is always creating new types of precision liquid control technology for use in complex or just emerging technical fields.

    PARMI inspection system allows you to inspect a full range of devices; from semiconductor products to 40mm of height without special options or inspection speed loss....

  • PARMI system will completely validate your production improvements through detecting concerned defects from solder ball, die pattern, die scratch, die crack, wire bond existence / disconnects, epoxy, and many more.

    Utilizing PARMI’s cutting edge laser technology and tele-centric high-speed camera system enables the system to scan the entire panel including wafer surfaces and recognizes all the different X,Y,Z coordinates comparing to the originally laid out location in full details and renders real time 3D profiles complied with color. Inspection results contain not only the defect information but also real time Z-axis tracking. PARMI system informs the user the condition of entire surface which includes: warpage tracking, Foreign Object Detection (FOD), contamination, and can also be utilized as a precise measuring tool for specialized processes and solutions.

    PARMI technology has been proven in both the SMT & Semiconductor industries as a key provider for real time production solutions that allows users to program with extreme ease, ultimately resulting in lower than average false call rates and escape rates.
  • PVA Tepla-AG
    Unique Microwave Plasma Processing systems ; batch type plasma and world fastest Strip type plasma...

  • PVA TePla specializes in unique Batch and Strip-to-Strip Microwave Plasma Processing systems for silicon, compound semiconductors, MEMS, FPD, and solar cell manufacturing.

    For more information please contact: Email: arthur_chang@hpc.com.tw

  • SEC
    2D / 3D X-ray manual/semi/auto inspection ; bonding wire auto X-ray inspection ; AXI...

  • SEC CO., LTD. designs and manufactures industrial X-ray inspection system and scanning electron microscope. Established in 1991, SEC pioneered e-beam control technology and served most advanced inspection & analysis system to customers for laboratory research and quality assurance. SEC prides itself on observing today's ever-changing needs for its customers by providing the most advanced and efficient technology in order to meet customer's production demands. Additionally, our goal is to provide the best service and attention to detail in order to exceed our customer's needs in a constantly evolving, technological environment.

    Pls refer to : http://www.seceng.co.kr

    Sekisui has unique technology of adhesive and micro particles which are<br />widely used in the field of LCD and semiconductor products....

  • Sekisui has unique technology of adhesive and micro particles which are
    widely used in the field of LCD and semiconductor products.

    In addition to our own technology, the Multi Ink Jet material is another
    unique technology because we have developed materials, processes and
    facilities with our partners.

    Consequently, we can propose not only materials, but also whole process
    itself which no other companies can imitate.

    Conventional inkjet technology has very limited applicability because
    only low viscosity ink could be used.

    Sekisui’s technology has solved this limitation and proposing die-attach
    materials and dam materials in the semiconductor field and solder resist
    materials for PCB.

  • SPEA is well-known for its capability to quickly design the best technical solutions at the lowest price for testing the most ambitious achievements in semiconductors , especially for MEMS and board tester, flying probe tester technology. The test platform flexibility enables the configuration of the best test solution for each device, shorting the time to market and perfectly answering the need to reduce the cost of test while addressing the increasing test requirement for SoC, SiP, RFID devices, MEMS, board testing, etc.
  • TAK
    Lead-lock tape for lead frames wire-bonding sustaining. Also have single die attached film using in stacking die application...

  • QFN mold releasing film attached to the backside of leadframe in order to prevent EMC moldflash during EMC molding, while supporting firm die attachment and wire bonding, removed easily with heat after the encapsulation, and left no adhesive residue on the leadframe or the EMC surface.
    BGA — Yizbond 9246S/ NC7720M<br />Lead frame — Yizbond 9699S/ 9246S<br />High thermal solution — Yizbond 9888/ 9889<br />MOSFET solution — Yizbond 9319/ 9319S...

  • Founded in 1996, Yiztech is a high-tech company that designs and manufactures die bonding material of IC assembly industry.
    Because of the technical base in Taiwan, we can provide very instant service through our local agents( Taiwan/ China/ SEA) to meet customers’ satisfaction.
    To care about customers’ demand, Yiztech deeply understands the market requirements and enables to provide the customers’ overall technical solutions.
    As for the unique technology, we do always prepare the research and development for innovation where needed.
    Aside from these great innovative capabilities, Yiztech always strives to be flexible, concentrates on service, and responds to customer quickly and professionally.
    The most important thing is to support and grow with customers continuously.
    Yiztech product line up —
    BGA — Yizbond 9246S/ NC7720M
    Lead frame — Yizbond 9699S/ 9246S
    High thermal solution — Yizbond 9888/ 9889
    MOSFET solution — Yizbond 9319/ 9319S