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Increased productivity with HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN ensure that machines and plants work productively and efficiently. Since 1948, when the company began anew in Traunreut, HEIDENHAIN has shipped over 7 million linear encoders, over 20 million rotary and angular encoders, 500,000 digital readouts and nearly 280,000 TNC controls. Now and in the future, this expertise provides the assurance that HEIDENHAIN was the right choice. A continuous drive to provide technically superior products in combination with reliability, closeness to the customer, and a practice-oriented frame of mind form the basis of HEIDENHAIN’s efforts. HEIDENHAIN has always sought a dialog with science and research on the one hand and with users and customers on the other. Our competence in the area of linear and angular metrology is reflected by a large number of customized solutions for users. These include the measuring and test equipment developed and built for many of the world’s standards laboratories and the angular encoders for various telescopes and satellite receiving antennas. The products in the standard HEIDENHAIN product program naturally profit from the knowledge gained in such projects.


  • NUMERIK JENA - 新增量式直線光學尺LIKgo
    LIKgo是NUMERIK JENA推出的全新、特別設計的開放式直線光學尺,其外型輕薄短小,適用於半導體檢測與生產設備、量測儀器與量測顯微鏡等。...

  • 全新入門級的LIKgo敞開式光學光柵尺性能優異,為即將推出的多款產品打造基礎。全新設計還創新地融合NUMERIK JENA產品的突出優點。全新LIK系列產品設計的目標是:易用性、廣泛的應用範圍和高品質標準。

    • 小巧和輕型讀數頭
    • 全新2場掃描技術,提供極高的信號品質
    • 無相位和偏移誤差
    • 更小細分誤差
    • 極小的功耗和發熱
    • 無需其它電子電路,在讀數頭中細分TTL信號
    • 安裝後可進行電子調試,減小靜態安裝誤差
    • 改進“調試工具”的連接