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Founded in 1916, Jacobi Carbons is the largest manufacturer of coconut shell based activated carbons in the world. We became a member of the Osaka Gas Chemicals Group in 2014. Our mission statement is to be the highest quality with best value activated carbon supplier in the world, and to have the best customer experience in the business. The Premium grade of carbons are important for speciality gases removal, especially in semiconductor industry for Indoor Air Quality application. For Ultrapure Water process treatment, coconut based activated carbon plays important roles as a pre-treatment process for chlorine and impurity contaminants removal. 

On the other hand, Jacobi Resinex is providing premium quality of ion Exchange Resins with comprehensive range of cation, anion, mixed bed and speciality resins. The combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin are providing a total solution package in semiconductor industries, either for Indoor Air Quality, Ultrapure Water or Waste Water Treatment solutions. 


  • Activated Carbon & Ion Exchange Resin
    Activated Carbon is made by coconut shell charcoal with direct steam activation process. <br />Ion Exchange Resin is an ion exchanger consists of the polymer matrix and the functional groups that interact with the ions....

  • Impregnated activated carbon with speciality chemical is very useful in acid gases and ammonia gas removal. Jacobi Carbons is capable in producing ultra high activity grades for semiconductor industry, out of the total 4,000 types of different activated carbon grades. Special washed of activated carbon with low silica leaching into the process water is also important in this industry. Coconut charcoal is often the prefered based material for activated carbon production, due to the highest purity and extremely hard in its natural characteristic.  

    Ion Exchange Resin is widely used in Ammonia gas removal for gas stream, and it's also playing an important role as primary mixed bed and polishing mixed in ultrapure water production. The chelating resins are being used in precious metal recovery for the waste water treatment plant.