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Welcome to visit KNC Bearings and KANER filters at I2326.

Kan-I International Corp. is professionally engaged in production aimed at industrial bearings, filtration & separation materials and parts. Kan-I is adding a new production facility in order to increase our production lines, keep innovating with new product development and always place quality control in the first place.  

Our bearings are supplying to various industries such as automatic and mechanical equipment, photovoltaic panel, semiconductor assembly and testing, 3D printing, Robot industries, medical equipment and pump equipment...etc. 

As for our filtration/separation products, they have been widely applied in the fields of Chemical Industries, Electronics, Microelectronics Industry, Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical Industry, Food and Beverage Industries, Painting, Pigments, Coating Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Semiconductor Industry and Water Treatment.

Customers can choose from our complete product line to fulfill their needs in different systems. Please visit our website at http://www.kan-i.com for more product(s) information. 


  • Various Bearings
    Kan-I supplies all kinds of bearings for different industries....

  • Kan-I focuses on supplying harmonic drive, precision miniature bearings, high-speed bearings, ceramic bearings, high temperature bearings, thin section bearings, self-aligning bearing, stainless steel bearings, angular contact bearings, needle bearings, linear rails and cross-roller bearings. 
  • Filtration & Separation
    Kaner Filters (Kan-I) has variety choices of filters and strainers to fulfill your needs....

  • Our products have been widely used in the field of microelectronics, specialty chemicals, food and beverage, water treatment, analysis and testing markets…etc.

    Our products are including: PP pleated filter cartridges, PES pleated filter cartridges, PTFE pleated filter cartridges, NYLON pleated filter cartridges, disposable filter cartridges, String wounded filter cartridges, melt-blown filter cartridges, activated carbon filter cartridges, stainless steel filter cartridges and stainless steel filters.Our products have been widely used in the field of microelectronics, specialty chemicals, food and beverage, water treatment, analysis and testing markets…etc.

  • Customized Bearings
    Produced according to customer's specifications....

  • According to a customer's requirements in the material, specifications (including inner ring diameter, outer ring diameter and thickness), the retainer, the material of balls and the choice of lubricant...etc, we discuss with customers and evaluate to meet the customer's bearing requirements on their equipment and make the bearing design and production in the most cost-effective way.
  • 深溝滾珠軸承 Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    Deep groove ball bearings are not separated, mainly bear radial load and a certain direction of the axial load as well. The advantages of low coefficient of friction and high speed limit. Our deep groove ball bearing is mainly made of bearing steel....

  • Comparison of Bearing Materials

    Technical data Unit GCr15 9Cr18 Si3N4 ZrO2
    Density ρ g/cm3 7.8 7.9 3.2 6
    Coefficient of expansion α 10-6℃ 11 17 3.2 10.5
    E modulus of elastcity Gpa 208 200 320 210
    Poissaon ratio  µ 0.3 0.3 0.26 0.3
    HV Hardness 800 700 1700 1300
    Flexural strength σs Mpa 2400 2600 900 1000
    Indentation strength Mpa 3500 2000
    Impact strength Kc Nm/cm2 20 25 7 11
    Thermal conductivity λ W/mk 30~40 15 3.5 2.5
    Specific resistivity Ω mm2/m 1 0.75 1018 1015
    Specific heat J/KgK 450 450 800 400
    Max permissible service temperature 120 150 1000 800
    Anti-corrossion none weak strong strong
    No. of stress circle (50% destory) 10*106 10*106 50*106 50*106
    Destiry model Peel off Peel off Peel off Peel off / break
    Anti-magnetism none none good good
    Dimension stability not good not good good good
    Insulate properties not good not good good good

    Ceramic / Stainless steel / Glass / Plastic ball Common Specification Table

    Spec.(英吋) Spec.(mm) Spec.(英吋) Spec.(mm)
    2 3/32" 2.382
    w1/8" 3.175 5/32" 3.969
    3/16" 4.763 7/32" 5.556
    1/4" 6.35 17/64" 6.747
    7 9/32" 7.144
    5/16" 7.938 11/32" 8.731
    3/8" 9.525 13/32" 10.319
    7/16" 11.112 29/64" 11.509
    15/32" 11.906 12
    31/64" 12.303 1/2" 12.7
    17/32" 13.494 14
    5/8" 15.875 21/32" 16.67
    3/4" 19.05 25/32" 19.845
    7/8" 22.225 15/16" 23.812
    1" 25.4 26.988
    1/1/8" 28.575 30.163
    1/1/4" 31.75 1-3/8" 34.924
    35 1-1/2" 38.1
    1/7/8" 47.625 2"


  • 薄壁軸承 Thin Section Bearings
    Thin-section bearings are suitable for the rotary mechanisms in modern machinery which require a compact, simple and lightweight design due to the characteristics of small size, light weight and low friction....

  • Our thin-section bearing diameter are from 1 inch to 40 inches-basis. Mainly divided into three types: 
    1, radial contact (L type) 
    2, angular contact (M type) 
    3, four-point contact (N type) 
    These series are made of bearing steel and stainless steel.

    In contrast to standard bearings, the cross-sectional dimensions in each series are designed to be fixed values. The cross-sectional dimensions are constant in the same series but do not increase with internal dimensions. Therefore, the series of thin-section bearings is also known as the same section thin-section bearings. By using the same series of thin-section bearings, the designer can standardize the same common parts. Thin-section bearings with large cross-sections can be replaced by hollow shafts with large diameters instead of small-diameter solid shafts  such as air, water, and wire, which can be provided by hollow shafts to make the design simple. Thin-section bearings can save space, reduce weight, significantly reduce friction, and provide good rotation accuracy. The use of thin-section bearings can reduce the external dimensions and reduce production costs without compromising bearing performance and service life.

    KNC thin-section bearings are available in seven open series and five sealed series with bore diameters from 1 inch to 40 inches and cross-sectional dimensions in the range of 0.1875 x 0.1875 inches to 1.000 x 1.000 inches. There are three open bearings: radial contact, angular contact, four-point contact. Sealed bearings are divided into: radial contact and four-point contact.

  • 高溫軸承 High Temperature Bearings
    High temperature bearings are usually used in the environment of operating temperature above 150 ° C....

  •  In addition to the general bearing performance, high temperature bearings has a certain high temperature hardness and high temperature wear resistance, high temperature contact fatigue strength, oxidation resistance, high temperature impact resistance and high temperature dimensional stability