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Welcome to the world of Innovative Laser Technology!

INNOLAS SEMICONDUCTOR GMBH is a Germany based leading manufacturer of high quality WAFER LASER MARKING & WAFER SORTING SYSTEM for the Semiconductor, Compound and LED industries.

Our products offer solutions for the following applications:
• Wafer laser marking of wafer ID marking from 2" - 450 mm
• Wafer sorting from 2” - 450 mm according to ID, thickness and weight
• Wafer defect inspection and sorter

For more information, please visit or contact our local representatives.

Local Representative in Taiwan:
Mr. S.C. Fan
DynoTech Taiwan Pte Ltd
1F, No.19, Sec. 1, Guangming 10th St.,
Zhubei City, Hsinchu 302, Taiwan, R.O.C
Phone: +886 3 558 7120

  • Laser wafer ID marking 2" - 450mm
  • Wafer sorting from 2” -450mm according to ID, thickness and weight
  • Wafer defect inspection
  • Laser wafer ID marking 2" - 450mm
  • Wafer sorting from 2” -450mm according to ID, thickness and weight
  • Wafer defect inspection


  • Wafer Marking System IL C3000
    Automatic wafer marking system for soft marking of 300mm wafer...

  • IL C3000 is the ideal system for debris free marking of 300 mm wafer which are located in a FOUP. The integrated class 4 (ISO EN 14644-1) mini-environment keeps the wafer surface clean. Furthermore this system is compatible with PGV, AGV as well as OHT.

    IL C3000是用于无颗粒刻码在300mm晶片的理想设备。 集成的4级(ISO EN 14644-1)微环境保持晶片表面清洁。 此外,该设备都能兼容OHT、PVG以及AGV。

  • Wafer Marking System IL 3000
    Automatic wafer marking system for 300mm wafer...

  • This four-station system is designed for deep marking of 300 mm wafers which are loaded in open cassettes. With the additional sorting function, the machine can also be used as a wafer sorter.

    这种四站型的设备是用于装载在开放式盒中的300mm晶片的深打标工艺。 通过附加分选功能,此设备也可用作晶片分选机。

  • Wafer Marking system IL 2000
    Automatic wafer marking machine (high throughput) for up to 200 mm...

  • For high demands in throughput, the IL 2000 is the best solution for up to 200 mm wafer. This machine has 4 load/unload stations and can mark up to 200 wafer/hr.

    Furthermore, you can use this system as a wafer sorter!

    给于高产量要求,IL 2000是200 mm晶片的最佳解决方案。 这台设备有4个装载/卸载站,可以刻码高达200片/小时。


  • Wafer Marking System IL 1000
    Wafer Laser Marking System for SiC, GaN, Compound, LED and Semiconductor Wafer...

  • IL 1000 series laser system is designed to mark various wafer materials with diameters ranging from 2” to 200mm.

    Different laser types and setups are available to achieve optimum process results for various materials such as Si, GaAs, Ge, SiC, GaP, InP, Sapphire, Quartz and others.

    A deep or debris free marking process is available. Our application engineers are happy to help you with the best process setup.

    The wafer marking system is controlled by a 19” industrial PC. The powerful WindowsTM based software package includes user friendly operator and engineer interface along with sophisticated diagnostic features for maintenance and service personal.

    Software options include wafer sorting and SECS/GEM host interface. Customized software solutions are available upon request.

    IL 1000系列激光打标机设计用于直径范围从2“到200mm的各种晶片材料。