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... with Material Handling Automation

Fabmatics is an experienced specialist for the automation of material flows and handling processes in semiconductor manufacturing plants, semiconductor process equipments and other high-tech production environments. The company has been implementing automation projects with great success for more than 25 years.

Fabmatics is in a unique position to offer its customers comprehensive solutions in the field of material flow automation from a single source. The service portfolio includes a modular product range of hardware and software for the automation of handling, transport and storage processes as well as solutions for product identification and localization. The offer is supplemented by consulting and development services from the company’s own R & D department in order to provide customized solutions with the highest degree of individualization depth and functional reliability.

Fabmatics does business around the world and currently has some 210 employees at its headquarters in Dresden, Germany and its US subsidiary in Sandy, Utah.

In Taiwan Fabmatics is represented by

Taiwan Instrument Co., Ltd.
15F-2, No.27, Guanxin Rd., East Dist.
Hsinchu City 300,

Contact: Eric Tsai, Tel.: +886 963050367, E-Mail: eric_tsai@ticgroup.com.tw

Our presence at the Asian semiconductor trade fair SEMICON Taiwan 2019 is supported by the European fund for regional development (EFRE).


  • Autonomous Navigating Mobile Robots
    Our mobile robots combine an established, clean and safe Robot system, with an innovative, autonomously navigating vehicle (AGV) for the flexible transportation of materials and handling tasks in semiconductor fabs....

  • Mobile Robot HERO FAB:

    • Omni-directional drive unit no need for turning of vehicle
    • High payload: up to 12 kg
    • Loading reach: up to 200 mm – 1,500 mm height
    • Advanced safety systems to guarantee human, object and environmental safety
    • Suitable for up to ISO 3/2 environments (open cassettes)
    • Versions for SMIF pods, RSPs, FOUPs, transport boxes and open cassettes
    • 24/7 operation: charging on-the-fly during handling

    Please see our HERO FAB 300 Data Sheet

    And for smaller payloads up to 6 kg take a look at our SCOUT:

    Mobile Robot SCOUT

    • navigates autonomously
    • 3D sensor technology ensures the recognition and bypassing of obstacles
    • for transport goods up to 6 kg, e.g. open wafer cassettes, trays, workpiece carriers
    • is cleanroom suitable up to ISO class 3 / US FED class1
    • 24/7 operation: charging on-the-fly during handling
    • short commissioning times at customer site and low adaption effort to changes in the production environment

    Please see our SCOUT ACTIVE Data Sheet

  • FlatStocker for Zero Footprint Storage
    The FlatStocker by Fabmatics is an innovative system to store wafer cassettes, boxes and other material carriers underneath the cleanroom ceiling....

  • Due to the fact that clean room floor space in semiconductor factories is limited and expensive, Fabmatics developed an innovative stocker concept that saves the floor space for process machines by storing the WIP underneath the clean room ceiling. The FlatStocker is installed directly above the process machines or the corridors of interbay and intrabay of the factory.

    The system can be designed for different material carriers, e.g. HA-200 boxes, open cassettes or SMIF pods. The connection to a transport system (e.g. conveyor), combined with vertical lifts to the machine level, enables fast lot access at any time. Equipped with ID technology (e.g. RFID, barcode), the FlatStocker reports the material ID information to the host system (MCS/MES).


    • Freely scalable and also expandable at a later date
    • Flexible positioning of lifts (input/output stations) and conveyor connections
    • Easy disassembly of the safety bottom shields to enable move-in/out of tall machines

    Link to FlatStocker Website

  • FOUP Purge System
    The retrofittable System avoids oxidation and other chemical reactions on the wafer surface by purging the FOUP with an inert gas (e.g. N2) during interim storage. It can be easily retrofitted to existing storage modules (e.g. Zero Footprint Storage)....

  • The retrofittable FOUP Purge System by Fabmatics purges FOUPs with an inert gas during interim storage. Thus, it reliably protects wafers between process steps from undesired chemical reactions due to humidity and evaporation.


    • May be easily retrofitted with existing systems for FOUP storage (e.g. Zero Footprint Storage, Stocker) without having to change the fab structure during regular fab operations
    • Independent purge functionality for each nest, no gas spill / waste
    • Constant gas flow during the entire storage period
    • Every purge nest is individually monitored and controlled


    • Avoids AMC (Airborne Molecular Contamination) and other chemical reactions
    • Allows extended queue time between process steps
    • Improves overall process yield

    More information:

    Website FOUP Purge System