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Factory Throughput Optimization Software and Services

Romaric provides world-class software products and integration services for factory automation in the semiconductor, retail, automated parking, solar, medical device and any other industry striving to take advantage of the vast throughput improvements made possible by automation. Romaric specializes in providing the highest possible factory throughput in terms of material transport and management, while adjusting for the constant changing environment.


  • Roma MD™ (MCS)
    The Romaric Material Dispatcher is the world’s only third-generation Material Control System. Advanced optimization algorithms provide for max throughput, reducing delivery times, minimizing wait times and drastically improving transport moves per hour....

  • Roma MD™ can simultaneously control AMHS equipment from multiple vendors and has integrated with Daifuku, Muratec, PRI, Stratus, Schiller, Shinko and several other equipment types for both 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.

    A wide variety of interfaces with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) have been implemented, including integration into PROMIS, Eyelit, Critical Manufacturing, Fab300, Workstream, FactoryWorks, AIS FabEagle, Camstar, Insite and other MES offerings.

    For the PRI AeroTrak system, Roma MD™ has the ability to take control of the vehicles directly, substantially increasing throughput.


    • Inherits the entire RACE™ feature set
    • Extensions for AMHS vendor specific transport and storage devices, including: Daifuku, Muratec, PRI, Stratus, Schiller, Shinko, Middlesex and many others
    • Extensions for MES vendor specific interfaces, including: Eyelit, PROMIS, Fab300, FabEagle, Critical Manufacturing, Workstream, FactoryWorks, Camstar, Insite, MesTec and several other MES offerings
    • Customer-specific scheduling and routing optimizations
    • Customer-specific statistics and reporting
    • Tested to 200,000 Move Per Hour (MPH) using RES-Q™
  • RES-Q™
    The Romaric Emulation System for Quality (RES-Q™) is the world's best AMHS emulation system. It ensures minimal risk for implementation of any control system into a production environment....

  • RES-Q™ accurately emulates a large of variety stockers, and material transport systems, including vehicles, conveyors, OHT, OHS, ZFS (zero footprint storage) AGVs, RGVs and many more. All common error conditions can be created and tested, as well as dozens of other less common anomalies.

    RES-Q™ combines the behavior modeling of a simulator with the connectivity of an emulator. A single instance of RES-Q™ can simultaneously provide emulation for multiple AMHS, process and metrology tools, EIs and MES functionality. RES-Q™ is so accurate that the control system (e.g. MCS) can’t distinguish if it is connected to the real equipment or the emulated equipment.

    RES-Q™ will maximize your ROI through pre-installation validation, parameter tuning and offline troubleshooting. Romaric makes use of RES-Q™, configured for each customer, to aid in providing customer support. Log files that capture a scenario at site can be sent to the Romaric support engineer, who can replay the scenario for quick evaluation of the problem. A prized feature of all our customers is the Emulation Clock. It enables reliability and throughput testing in a fraction of the time normally required.

  • RACE Track™
    A Low Level Controller for AMHS Equipment...

  • RACE Track is a replacement for the PRI AeroTrak Controller (AT) and the Daifuku MCP Vehicle Controller. It can also be adapted as a low-level controller (LLC) for any AMHS components.

    By taking over the low-level control function, RACE Track can make better decisions related to delivery times via optimized vehicle selection algorithms, minimizing empty vehicle travel, route selection improvements and other efficiency gains.

  • RACE Purge™
    RACE Purge™ is a stocker controller for CLASS 1 Air Quality...

  • RACE Purge™ controls the flow of Nitrogen or Clean Dry Air (CDA), via valves and sensors connected to a PLC, into storage locations in reticle or WIP stockers. A single instance can be adapted to control an individual stocker or a group of stockers, including across a variety of stocker models.