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Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic coating technology is used for applications in which material consumption, uniformity, repeatability, and control are required. Our ultrasonic technology is well known in the semiconductor industry for precision photoresist coatings. Sono-Tek’s SPT200 photoresist coating machine is the perfect tool for providing uniform photoresist coverage of deep well topographies such as MEMs and other challenging applications where spin coating is not adequate. By forming very small and controlled droplets, this unique technology allows for uniform photoresist coverage of deep well topographies such as MEMs and other challenging applications where spin coating is not adequate.  Other applications include polyimide, flux dispensing for flip chip applications as well as thin film solar/display applications like TCO layers, nano suspensions (CNT, graphene, nano-wires, etc), OPV polymers, AR, and CIGS active layers.  Visit for more information.


  • SPT200 Spray Photoresist Tool
    SPT200 is a fully enclosed standalone ultrasonic coating system for spraying photoresist onto 4", 6", & 8" wafers in precision semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. The system features very high uniformity, even on difficult high aspect ratio topographies....

  • Designed for processes where spin coating is unable to provide adequate uniform coverage of high aspect ratio MEMs with deep trenches, Sono-Tek’s NEW SPT200 has a number of proprietary features that are specially configured for these spray processes. Configured with Sono-Tek’s patented ultrasonic spray nozzles, the SPT200 features integrated bottom draw wafer exhaust and 360 degree cleaning and overspray containment for efficient, no mess removal of any overspray. A HEPA filtered intake, auto nozzle cleaning purge, automatic wafer lift pins and vacuum wafer chuck make this system perfectly suited for precision photoresist spray processes. Ultrasonic nozzles, by nature of their soft, atomized, targeted spray result in up to 90% reduction in material consumption with non-clogging, highly repeatable performance and very little overspray. SPT200 is configured with a 200mm standard heated wafer chuck, with 100, 150, or 300 mm options available.
  • FlexiCoat for Spray On EMI Shielding Coatings
    Ultrasonic coating technology, followed by a low temperature heat cure, offers a cost-effective alternative to costly sputtering-based coating equipment for package level EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding processes....

  • High performance silver EMI shielding coating materials are applied with Sono-Tek’s FlexiCoat fully automated XYZ motion coating systems in mobile device manufacturing processes. FlexiCoat is available as an in-line conveyor configuration for inline processing. Standard features include: fully automated process with Windows®-based programming software, teach pendant with trackball for easy axis motion and programming, a 500 x 500 x 100 mm (19.68 x 19.69 x 3.94”) gantry slide area (larger sizes available), exhaust sensor, nozzle tilt and rotate, and continuous ink recirculation. FlexiCoat is proven with Tatsuta conductive material. Process benefits include: Complete thin film coverage of geometries with excellent uniformity, high throughput (UPH), optimal side wall coverage in tight geometries with ultrasonic nozzle tilt and rotation, excellent surface conductivity due to homogeneous distribution of particles, precise thickness control, excellent adhesion, and no backside contamination.