KeenHammer Tech Co.,Ltd

  • Booth: J2834
  • - 1st Floor

Established in 2013, KeenHammer Tech Co., Ltd provides professional services to support customers cost down and fast ramp up by efficiently purchase and sell Semiconductor equipment especially in Testing, Bumping, 3DiC & Assembly. KeenHammer Tech Co., Ltd is a qualified suppliers in many tier 1 IDM, Foundry and OSAT. As a subsidiary of Gate Semiconductor, which provide turnkey solution for front end semiconductor process tool, our vision is to provide customers one stop shop by total solution.

  • Used tool Business:

Equipment can be sold either “as is” or in operational condition by refurbishment. Reconfiguration, sourcing, trading and testing tool leasing (short term, long term or lease to buy solutions) are available.

  • Consumable Parts:

Partner with good quality equipment/parts supplier and provide solutions to customer at reasonable costs.

  • New Tool Representation:
  • HT Tech/ Automatic Optical Inspection for surface and chipping
  • GYRO SYSTEMS, Inc./ Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for FOUP transfer