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Is a laser detection equipment manufacturing company.
And won the 42nd Japan Prize for Achievement.
Product Features
◎ main inspection object: photomask quartz glass, silicon wafer, SiC substrate, sapphire substrate.
◎ Check the contents: particles, scratches, pits, bubbles, crystal defects.
◎ inspection sensitivity: 0.1μmPSL.
We will continue to contribute to the community in the fields of semiconductor and liquid crystal and medical care, thanks to the full use of laser detection technology and the development and production of high precision, high speed and low cost laser defect detection equipment.

 Press Releases

  • (20190710)


  • Third generation semiconductor SiC, GaN defect det
    Target defects: particles, scratches, crystal defects<br />Internal defects, cracks...

  • The company displays the LODAS series of compound semiconductor SiC and GaN defect detection equipment.

    Product Features:

    • According to the principle of scattered light + common focus concentrating;
    •   Can detect defects on the surface, inside and back at the same time;
    •   Sensitivity of 0.1 μm PSL or more;
    •   Detects various characteristic defects of the substrate and the epitaxy;
    •   3 kinds of optical detection systems Confocal, Backscatter, Forward scatter;
    •   4 kinds of defects Review Tool analysis.

    Inspection laser: 405nm 200mW
    Inspection time: 200 seconds (size: 4 inches)
    Inspection target: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch
    Device size: WxDxH = 450x500x730mm
    Utility: AC100V ~ 200V 10A

    Industry NO1 cost-effective products!

    Received the 2017 Japan Invention Awards Award!!
  • 10th generation liquid crystal mask defect detecti
    Detection artifacts:<br />8th and 10th generation LCD reticle:<br /> Quartz glass original board<br /> Blanks<br /> Resist, Pellicle<br />...

  • Feature:
    1. Performance evaluation of grinding and cleaning equipment
    2. Surface, interior, and back are simultaneously tested.
    3. High sensitivity: > 0.27μmPSL.
    4. Automatic defect size classification.
    5, inspection time: 60 minutes (G8)
    6. High-power microscope analyzes defects in an instant.