SBB Tech Co., Ltd.

Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
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SBB is specialized in Bearings for Semi,LCD/LED&all fields.

* Ceramic Bearing & Robo Drive (Reducer)

With over 30 years of experience and know-how in the industry, we, as a specialized manufacturer of precision parts made by ceramics, 

produce extreme special environmentally hybrid bearings & reducer that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

SBB ceramic precision parts are used in Semiconductor, PDP, LCD manufacture equipment, plating equipment, synthetic fiber manufacture equipment,

heat treatment equipment, vacuum facilities and we also can make parts for special environment (ex: air, vacuum, corrosion-resistance and temperature).

* Feature of Product (Bearing)

1. Strong corrosion resistance : applied to strong acid / alkali / seawater

2. Heat-resisting property : no changes of hardness, strength in high temperature

3. Nonmagnetic & Insulation : applied to a magnetic field & prevention of electricity

4. Light weight : 1/4 lighter weight than normal bearings

5. Hardness: Hardness & module of direct elasticity are higher than bearing steel

6. High Speed Rotation: Reducing the centrifugal force by lighter weight balls

* Feature of Product (Robo Drive; Reducer)

SBB Robo drive improves the performance of robots that require ultra-precise position control, high-speed reduction ratio, small size & light wight, low noise and precision machine tools, etc. It improves the performance of final product.