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Since 20 years, mechatronic systemtechnik is a European based global supplier of wafer packer, wafer sorter and wafer loader (EFEM) systems for standard and non-standard substrates (i.e. thin and ultrathin, warped, eWLB, MEMS, Glass, Taiko, Frames) and applications.

mechatronic´s fully automated wafer handling systems feature unique modules and components (i.e. end effectors, pre-aligners, scanners, packing chucks, top plates) integrated in a system enabling safe and reliable handling of the most complex substrates through continuous monitoring/sensing  and unique handshake procedures. Furthermore mechatronic´s handling tools can handle different substrate sizes and/or different substrate types in one machine using automated end effector change.

Based on the strong hardware and software integration knowledge (SECS/GEM, E84, TCPIP,..), mechatronic tools can be integrated into a factory automation system and/or OEM systems.

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Stefan Detterbeck (Director Sales)

mechatronic systemtechnik gmbh
Tiroler Straße 80, A-9500 Villach, Austria