Micropulse Plating Concepts

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MPC (Micropulse Plating Concepts) is a French manufacturer of Online Monitoring systems.
MPC is providing Analysis solutions since 2001 with more than 500 units sold worldwide.
MPC developp specific Online Monitoring systems for PCB and Semiconductor industry, the LineSmartĀ® 8000 unit.
Those Online systems are dedicated to Organic (by CVS) and Inorganic (using innovative methods without reagent addition) analysis.
MPC offers real-time monitoring of semiconductor electrochemicals processes which allow to control the manufacturing processes and improve product yield.
We offer Lab CVS equipments which can analyze from single sample to multiple samples by using a turntable system.
We provide precious metal recovery system to get back your Gold or other metals from your old solutions or rinses.
Our company is as well providing UV systems for desinfection in process and storage tanks as well as waste water treatment of COD or specific molecules.