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Welcome to high speed transmission world.

Bo-Jiang Technology Co., Ltd. has devoted into the RF Microwave Coaxial Connectors area conscientiously since the establishment in 1992. Our company has continuously purchased the updated the high precision CNC machines for the strict requirements. Moreover, we have also upgraded the verified facilities, including network analyzer ( up to 110GHz) to support our development of higher frequency series.

Bo-Jiang has a very experience design team. Designers verify the performance of products via using relevant software. In our company , engineers have established a know- how database per the FEMA system and share with others, Our team can propose the suitable suggestion and provide the Joint Design Manufacturing services for customers. From the beginning of the design stage, our company can provide our human resource, facilities, and know-how to shorten customers' development time and reduce the resource wasting.

Besides, our company also installs many measurements for the mechanical and environmental verifications to ensure products can fit the performance requirement. 

 Press Releases

  • 2019/05/15

    Bo-Jiang Technology provides a multi-channel series that could support the  network transmission of 40Gbps and 100Gbps. The multi-channel family includes high density connectors that can be soldered to the PCB as well as high frequency, low loss, easy mating. The high density connectors use the SMPM series with 2.92mm series connecters and can used up to 40GHz; and with 2.4mm series connectors can be used up to 50GHz

    Bo-Jiang Technology provide multi-channel products could improve the inspection rate of production process and the accuracy of testing process and also reduce the time and cost.

    Bo Jiang Technology Co., Ltd.

    Product Manager: Totiy Huang



  • High performance cable assemblies
    High performance cable assemblies are General Type, Flexible Type (HS), Universal Type (HF) and Pressure-resistant type (HP), which is an alternative for the VNA application. Each type could support up to 110GHz. <br />...

  • In high performace cable assemblies, Bo-Jiang not only offer stability cable assemblies but also offer the match pair cable assemblies for customers.


    ●Extreme high frequency transmission

    ●Significant phase and amplitude stability

    ●Excellent durability and reliability

    ●Versatile solutions and different applications

    ●Matched pair cable (General Type) skew≦o.5ps

    ●Armour cable with compression resistance

  • Multi-Coax Cable & Connector
    In higher density channel series, Bo-Jiang offered products called "Multi-Coax" series for high speed digital testing module....

  • In higher density channel solution, Bo-Jiang offered Multi-Coax cables and connectors could support 28Gbit/sec in one channel. Versatile options of connectors : K (2.92mm), 2.4mm, 1.85mm and SMPM.


    ●Multi Coax Channel

    ●Frequency reang to 67 GHz

    ●Matched pair cables delay time< 0.5ps

    ●Highest density and lowest loss

    ●With ultra-stable cable

    ●Easy mating

  • SMPM series RF connectors
    The SMPM series connectors are 20% smaller than SMP series connectors and also higher frequency than SMP series....

  • Bo-Jiang SMPM connectors are compatible with all kinds of SMPM connectors, including Corning Gilbert’s GPPOTM products. The SMPM connectors are “Push-on” designed, easy to mate SMPM series connectors, especially for PCB use. Applicable to: Aerospace, Broadband, Instrumentation, Routes, Telecom, High-speed Application, Cable, PC-Broad, Surface-Mount Connections.

  • SMP series RF connectors
    SMP series are easy to snap-on connectors, higher frequency and miniaturized connectors; operational up to 40GHz....

  • These SMP connectors are ideal for board to board interconnections by joining plugs on different boards with jack-to-jack adaptor in between. The SMP interface provides three different levels of retention force : full detent, limited detent and smooth bore. Full detent is often used for connections with highest retention, limited detent is only for retaining the bullet and smooth bore is for the lowest retention.