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Have problems or damages from Voltage sag? Please visit us.

We have been supplying EMI/EMC filters, Voltage Sag Protector and UPS to our customers since 1992.

Now, OKY is one of the leading power quality improving company specialized in engineering and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions for power quality issues such as electrical noise, electrical surge, momentary power dip and swells.

We will provide you the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable solutions to power-quality issues, whenever and wherever you are located in the world.

Recently, we are expanding our business field to renewable energy, smart-grid and electric vehicle.

We hope to see you soon.


  • DVC (Dip-sag Voltage Compensator)
    DVC protect your facilities from the damage occurred by Power fault and Sag within 2ms....

  • SAG (or DIP) is a momentary (usually within a second) voltage drop. It is caused by lightning, rain, snow, etc. and also by the fall and short circuit of the power supply track.

    Sag not only greatly affects the operation of production facilities that require high precision, but also causes huge damages such as poor quality and delayed delivery due to reduced production.

    DVC instantaneously back up the power within 2ms (average 1.2ms) by using its inverter system, when momentary power failure or sag occurs, so it can prevent damage to the load equipment perfectly.