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Founded in 1989 with only three employees, PKG began its success with the design and manufacture of full-travel keyboards and other custom user interfaces. By the early 1990's, PKG shifted its focus to manufacturing membrane switches and user interface sub-assemblies. With a strong engineering team and persistent emphasis on R&D, PKG grew rapidly in the user interface industry.

 Press Releases

  • PKG Inc. and Megaforce Partner

    • PKG UIS and Megaforce have entered a joint business venture.
    • Expected growth in medical device and aerospace sectors.

         Friday, June 7th, 2019, PKG INC., and Megaforce signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), solidifying their joint partnership. The aim of said partnership is three fold; joint participation in the development of innovative technologies, investment in product development and contract manufacturing infrastructure, and to jointly invest, incubate, and accelerate startup businesses.
    The MoU signing was witnessed by various community members and government officials.

         Upon examining the strengths of both companies, the benefits of a partnership become apparent. The long-term agreement will advance the two companies within their respective industries in the United States, Taiwan, and worldwide. For Megaforce, the project represents a commitment to innovation and competitive value. Eric Chen, of Megaforce, remarked "Megaforce and PKG are playing a critical role for each other in the fields of technology development, supply chain procurement, and sales channel distribution. Our aim in cooperation is to generate optimized solutions in the medical, industrial and aerospace markets. “Megaforce is a highly skilled contract manufacturer, specializing in product assembly, high precision injection molding, conducting Design for Manufactuing/Project Management for Manufacturing planning and assessment. The group has manufacturing facilities around the globe and looks forward to future growth. Chen went on to say "We are very delighted to gain
    such a strong strategic partner. PKG’s profound knowledge of medical, industrial and aerospace devices with expertise in human machine interfaces includes all the components required to create a successful customer experience. It takes into account unique product development and manufacturing skills, engineering expertise and large network of OEM customers to accommodate for efficiencies, and global presence.” Chen added, "With the increased innovation in the medical industry, our cooperation is also
    specifically committed to identifying and connecting with medical device startups in both countries.

    About the Companies
    PKG User Interface Solutions

         PKG, Inc., located in Meridian, Idaho, is a product design, development, and manufacturing company for system-level devices; with expertise in humanmachine interfaces. PKG has been a major contributor in designing and manufacturing devices for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size organizations, and start-up businesses alike. Any time there is a critical connection between human and machine, PKG provides solutions to make those interactions as seamless as possible. With complete, vertical integration, PKG provides our customers with all of their product development needs: product idea realization, development, manufacturing, testing, and end of life support and transitioning. PKG, Inc. was established in 1989 and is a privately held corporation based in Meridian, ID. We operate out of three locations: Two in the US and one in Taiwan. PKG is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. To learn more about how PKG can help your business succeed, visit or contact PKG directly at or via phone at 1-800-730-5181.


         Megaforce, founded in Taiwan, is a Contract Development Manufacturing Company. Specializing in the manufacture of high-precision plastic injection molded components and conducting DFM/PFM planning. The group has manufacturing facilities throughout Taiwan, China, the United States, and Mexico. Megaforce recently expanded its business into biomedical and laser
    optics. With advanced technology development centers around the world and leading production capabilities, Megaforce has gained recognition from globally recognized companies.


  • Industrial Design Services - PKG
    Industrial Design Services include Concept Development, Product Styling, 3D Modeling System Architecture,Technology Selection, Usability Analysis & Research....

  • ■Concept Development
    ■Product Styling
    ■3D Modeling
    ■System Architecture
    ■Technology Selection
    ■Usability Analysis & Research
  • Mechanical Engineering Services - PKG
    Includes: Prototyping & Proof of Concept, System Development, Material Selection, Design Analysis & Simulation, Electrical and Mechanical Component Integration, and<br />Design Verification...

  • ■Prototyping & Proof of Concept
    ■System Development
    ■Material Selection
    ■Design Analysis & Simulation
    ■Electrical and Mechanical Component Integration
    ■Design Verification
  • Electrical Engineering Services - PKG
    Includes: Prototyping & Proof of Concept, Component Analysis & Selection, Circuit Design, Analysis, & Simulation,PCB Layout, Display Optimization & Analysis, EMI/RFI Control, Power Management & Optimization, and Design Verification...

  • ■Prototyping & Proof of Concept
    ■Component Analysis & Selection
    ■Circuit Design, Analysis, & Simulation
    ■PCB Layout
    ■Display Optimization & Analysis
    ■EMI/RFI Control
    ■Power Management & Optimization
    ■Design Verification
  • Firmware & Software Support - PKG
    Includes: System Architecture, Embedded Operating Systems, Product Firmware, Product Software, Test Firmware, Test Software, and Design Verification...

  • ■System Architecture
    ■Embedded Operating Systems
    ■Product Firmware
    ■Product Software
    ■Test Firmware
    ■Test Software
    ■Design Verification
  • Test Engineering Services - PKG
    Includes: Life Testing, Environmental Testing, Qualification Testing, Production Testing, Failure Analysis, and Test Documentation...

  • ■Life Testing
    ■Environmental Testing
    ■Qualification Testing
    ■Production Testing
    ■Failure Analysis
    ■Test Documentation
  • Manufacturing Engineering Services - PKG
    Design for Assembly, Design for Serviceability, Process Design & Optimization, Lean Manufacturing, and Process Qualification & Documentation<br />...

  • ■Design for Assembly
    ■Design for Serviceability
    ■Process Design & Optimization
    ■Process Qualification & Documentation
    ■Lean Manufacturing
  • Graphics & Membrane Circuits - PKG
    Includes: Full Color Graphic Screen Printing, Membrane Circuit Printing, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Embossing, and Lamination...

  • ■Full Color Graphic Screen Printing
    ■Membrane Circuit Printing
    ■Die Cutting
    ■Laser Cutting