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NETC, professionals of high pressure aluminum cylinders

 New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (NET Cylinders, logo: NETC), a leading manufacturer of aluminum cylinders ranging from 0.5 to 50 L, with 124 to 207 bar in working pressure.At present cylinder approval with different regulatory standards worldwide, including GB11648,EN ISO 7866 ,DOT-3AL, ISO7866 and KGS

NETC manufacture cylinders in accordance with gas properties, we have four types of cylinders for your choice:

1. Standard gas cylinders: Qualified to fill standard insutrial gas, medical gas, beverage CO2 etc.

2. P type cylinders (special inner surface treatment: For calibration gases  

3. PE type cylinders (special inner surface treatment): For electronic gases & ultra-high purity gases, like H2, He, Ar, N2, O2,CO, CO2 NO, N2O, PH3, PH3+H2/N2, AsH3, AsH3+H2, B2H6, GeH4, H2Se, etc. 

4. Inner surface coated cylinders: To fill H2S, SO2, and NH3 with low concentration ppm, or ppb level.

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New Energy Technology Co., Ltd