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Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) designs, develops and manufactures high performance elastomers, delivering advanced sealing solutions for critical semiconductor applications.

PPE has developed a comprehensive suite of semiconductor sealing products proven to extend maintenance cycles, reduce particle generation and lower chamber leakage rates, in the harshest of operational environments. PPE products include O-rings, slit valve doors, KF/ISO/NW fittings, wafer handling components and custom-made components.

NEW FOR 2019!

Perlast Helios G7HA is a high purity perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) that offers outstanding long-term mechanical performance and excellent plasma resistance in high temperature semiconductor applications of up to 310C.

This FFKM is fully organic, offering extremely low trace metals when compared against competitor FFKMS. Our new elastomer grade also outperforms competitor FFKMs against aggressive plasmas at high temperatures, including high concetrations of fluorine radical plasmas. 

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PERLAST and KIMURA represent the next generation of high performance elastomers for the semiconductor industry.

PERLAST perfluoroelastomer seals are used in dynamic and static applications, designed to provide excellent mechanical properties with extended high temperature performance and improved chemical resistance - with specially developed compounds offering exceptional plasma resistance.

KIMURA seals provide a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, eliminating the need for fillers and ensuring a seal of the highest purity.

We look forward to finding an ultra-pure sealing solution which is perfect for you.

 Press Releases

  • Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) has released Perlast® Helios G7HA, an FFKM sealing material for semiconductor applications proven to deliver superior plasma resistance.

    Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), manufacturer of high-performance sealing technology, has launched Perlast® Helios G7HA as a new material for the critical semiconductor market. In extensive testing, Perlast® Helios G7HA outperformed competitor materials in aggressive plasmas – including high concentrations of fluorine radical plasmas – at temperatures up to 310°C.

    “Perlast® Helios G7HA is a step change in semiconductor equipment sealing,” said Ben Green, Business Line Manager for Semiconductor at PPE.

    “This new material has been developed in line with what our customers have been asking for – a fully organic FFKM which delivers outstanding plasma resistance in high temperatures. We’re delighted with the results from laboratory testing and customer trials. We’re confident that G7HA will play a key role in cutting equipment downtime and reducing overall cost of ownership across a wide range of semiconductor applications.”

    Outperforms in harsh plasma environments

    Perlast® Helios G7HA has been tested extensively in a series of plasma environments (RPS NF3, RIE NF3, CCP NH3, RIE SF6, RIE O2 and CCP O2). In each environment, the new G7HA grade demonstrates a significantly lower plasma erosion rate than leading competitors – and 27% lower in NF3.

    G7HA eliminates trade-off between purity and plasma performance

    Previously in the semiconductor sealing market, compromises had to be made between seal purity and high performance in plasma environments. Perlast® Helios G7HA is one of the first elastomer innovations to give reliable results across both purity and resistance to aggressive plasmas.

    Lower trace metals than other plasma-resistant FFKMs

    Perlast® Helios G7HA is a fully organic material grade, with analysis showing extremely low trace metal levels and low particle generation when measured against comparable FFKM and FKM sealing materials. Low trace metals and low particle generation are key to reducing process contamination, significantly increasing yield and reducing operational downtime.

    Perlast® Helios G7HA has been developed for use in wet and dry semiconductor processes, including etching, stripping and cleaning. The new material is expected to be moulded into dynamic and static sealing products, including isolation valves, chamber O-rings and gas inlet seals.

    Perlast® Helios G7HA is the latest material grade to join the Perlast® family of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) elastomers. Perfluoroelastomer is the most chemically resistant elastomer available, and is effectively a rubber form of PTFE. Perlast® seals are used in critical sealing applications where purity and performance are paramount.

    Precision Polymer Engineering will be showcasing Perlast® Helios G7HA at SEMICON Taiwan between 18-20 September (Booth #I2122).


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    About Precision Polymer Engineering

    Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd (PPE) is a leading provider of high performance O-rings, technical rubber mouldings and sealing solutions to a diverse range of industries across the world.

    Founded in 1975, with its head office in Blackburn, England, PPE operates manufacturing facilities in the UK and the US, plus sales offices and dealers across the US, Europe and Asia. The company’s success is based on the continual development of new elastomer materials combined with exceptional levels of customer service and technical support.

    About IDEX Sealing Solutions

    Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) is a member of IDEX Sealing Solutions – an applied solutions provider serving niche markets worldwide. IDEX is a leader in creating and enabling technology and improving business prospects for a diverse customer set across the globe.


  • Perlast Helios G7HA
    Perlast Helios G7HA is a new FFKM sealing material offering superior plasma resistance in high temperature applications....

  • Perlast Helios G7HA is a high purity perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) that offers outstanding long term mechanical performance and excellent plasma resistance in high temperature semiconductor applications of up to 310C.

    This 70 A Shore FFKM is fully organic in formlation, offering extremely low trace metal levels for higher yields and reduced process contamination. 

    Perlast Helios G7HA - the first material in the range - has undergone rigorous benchmarking tests against the leading sealing materials currently on the market in order to qualify its material characteristics.

    The test results demonstrated excellent sealing performance at temperatures up to 310C. The new elastomer grade also outperforms competitor materials against aggressive plasmas, including high concentrations of fluorine radical plasmas.