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JUSUN offer the best solution for AMC & UPW/Slurry Particle

- our latest sTPC (Kanomax FMT) to detect 10/20/30 nm Nano-Particle from your UPW system.
- our latest LNS (Kanomax FMT) to analysis 5-600nm Particle size distribution for your Slurry of CMP or UPW.
- our GED/GPD tecnology (JSL) to solve your Interference chemicals in your Bulk or UHP gases. 
- our IMS (Series 6000) and PPWD-IC (Series 9100IC) techonlogy to solve your AMC (MA/MB) issue in Facility and Litho Field
- our PAS (Series 6000) tecnology to solve your Ammonia/HF/HCl/H2S/SO2 issue in Facility and Litho Field
- our PID (Series 6000 & Ion Science Tiger) technology to solve your VOC (MC) issue in Facility and Litho Field
- our PID/ECC techology to solve your Industrial Safety issue in Facility and ESH field

We also offer you following service for your request
- ISO 17025 Certified for our Gases Flow Lab.
- ISO 9001:2008 Gases Detector Calibration Lab.
- ISO 9001:2008 AMC Analysis Lab.

If you have any questions, please free contact with us in Taiwan by Toll-Free: 0800-000501 or in China +86-592264043. Please
visit our Web Site www.jusun.com.tw & e-mail us by jusun@jusun.com.tw for your inquires.