SEMCO Technologies

Castelnau-le-lez,  Montpellier 
  • Booth: I2425
  • - 1st Floor

Your SEMI Partner with Equipment + Process Expertise

SEMCO is present in the semiconductor market since 1986 and has extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing of mass-production and labortory furnaces for atmospheric and reduced-pressure processing as well as wafer transport automation and software control. 

The company's field of competence covers diffusion, oxidation, LPCVD and PECVD. Typiocal applications include LYDOP POCL3 and BCl3 Diffusion, LYTOX Wet and Dry Oxidation, Anneal, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Oxinitride, Poly Silicon and TEOS. To address the challenges attached to scaling from lab scale R&D to pilot line and volume manufacturing, SEMCO proposes the MINILAB platform, an offsite  process development and qualification tool covering the complete range of above-named applications. 

SEMCO's Electrostatic Chucks offers smart solutions for clamping and processing of thin and ultra-thin wafers based on its proprietary ESC capacitive technology. SEMCO has been designing and manufacturing electrostatic chucks (ESC) and heating pedestals to the wafer processing industry since 1992. SEMCO provides leading OEMs, Semiconductor Fabs, foundries and laboratories worldwide with innovative and efficient wafer handling components as original equipment or retrofit. The company actively manages global support through our subsidiaries and service centers.

SEMCO also specialized in the design and manufacture of mass flow controllers, precision valves and assemblies for the control of liquids and gases used in the fabrication of semiconductor, optical and PV materials.


  • DF-Series Production Furnaces
    Batch type Tube Furnace up to 300 wafers per tube...

  • Horizontal Tube Furances
    Diffusion, LPCVD and Oxidation
    4 Independent Tubes
    Compatible up to 200mm
    Best in-class Uniformity
    Automatic Loading
    Designed and Made in France

    Lab R&D tool for with wide variety of applications...

  • Diffusion, LPCVD and Oxidation
    1 to 4 Independent Tubes
    50 wafers per tube
    Ideal for Process Engineering
    Tiny Footprint
    Manual / Auto Loading Available
    PECVD R&D Platform...

  • Direct Plasma, Low RF
    Pin Mark Free, Color Uniform
    Horizontal Wafer Process
    Up to 25 wafers per batch
    Compatible up to 200mm
    In-situ Cleaning
    SiN, SiON, a:Si, SiC, SiCxNy

    Electrostatic Clamping In House Design and Production<br /><br />...

  • Capacitive Technology
    Cooling & Heating Capabilities
    PVD, CVD, Etch, Implant, Etc.
    Si, III-V and Insulating Wafers
    Up to 450mm Diameter
    Single-wafer RTA/RTP Furnac...

  • Atmospheric or Vacuum Treatment
    Table top or Stand alone
    From Pieces of Samples to 300mm
    Gas Introduction Capability
    Ideal for Materials Research
  • Qualiflow
    Gas Flow Components<br />...

  • Ultraclean Technology
    Analog & Digital MFCs
    Precision Valves & Accessories
    Gas Panels & Gas Cabinets
    Evaporator, LVCs & Gas Injectors