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All AODD pump questions you can ask!

        Shang Feng Trade Co., Ltd. is Taiwan agent of Japan YTS Co., Ltd. Business projects include AODD pumps, their parts, and also customized products. We supply products for semiconductor factories, chemical plants, engineering companies and CDS equipment suppliers, and provide services such as installation, maintenance, inspection and replacement of customers' pumps and parts. Because of our good attitude and professional services, customers are satisfied with our company and maintain a good relationship.

        YTS PUMP Group was established in 1966 as the world's leading manufacturer of diaphragm pumps. With solid structure, advanced spool valve technology and modular design of components, YTS air powered diaphragm pump can achieve outstanding flow rate,  high reliability with convenient maintenance and transfer slurries easily in different industry applications.

  1. 8 kinds of body materials: PP, PPG, POM, PVDF, PTFE, aluminum, cast iron, 316 stainless steel, etc.
  2. ​12 kinds of diaphragm types can be chosen.
  3. ​High-purity electronic grade PTFE diaphragm pump designed for high-tech industries such as: CDS, slurry supply system, chemical supply system, waste recovery system, etc.
  4. ​​For general industrial transportation: lubricating oil, fuel oil, electric discharge machining liquid, emulsion, latex, detergent, crude oil, volatile oil, ink, solvent, paint, waste water, spraying equipment, etc.; there are various pump specifications to choose from.

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    8種口徑規格:1/4英吋    3/8英吋    1/2英吋    3/4英吋    1英吋    1½英吋    2英吋    3英吋
    12種膜片材質:NRE    Neoprene    EPDM    TPEE    TPO(Santoprene)    FKM    PTFE    及 5種複合式加強型膜片。


    應用產業:科技廠、半導體製程、電路板、化學廠、膠膜工廠、食品加工,  製酒業、廢液處理場、廢水汙泥處理等。


  • 1/4英吋 ~ 3英吋 氣動雙隔膜泵浦

  • 氣動雙隔膜泵浦 豐富的材質與規格選擇!


    8種口徑規格:1/4英吋    3/8英吋    1/2英吋    3/4英吋    1英吋    1½英吋    2英吋    3英吋
    12種膜片材質:NBR    Neoprene    EPDM    TPEE    TPO(Santoprene)    FKM    PTFE    及 5種複合式加強型膜片。