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Type6 to type9,We only make super fine solder paste for you.

Shenzhen Fitech Industrial Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in customization, research and development, production and sales of tin base alloy powder, and the products are applied in the fields of SMT solder paste, laser solder paste, jet printing solder paste, die attach solder paste, microelectronics and semiconductor packaging and FPC flexible circuit board soldering. 

Fitech was established in 1997 and was certified as “National Hightech Enterprise" and “Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise" in 2017. Fitech has the internationally leading level of production line, which is the only domestic production of T2 to T9 tin based solder powder enterprises at present.nd was certified as “Nation


  • 超微超纯焊粉/Ultrafine Highpurity Solder Powders
    具有高纯度、球形度好、粒度分布集中、质量稳定的特点,可批量生产出T6号、T7号、T8号及T9号粉。<br /><br />The product have the characteristics of high purify, good sphericity, concentrated grain size distribution and stable quality, and Available batch production of T6, T7, T8 and T9 solder powders。<br />...

  • Low Alpha  :

       在封装材料,半导体材料中微量元素会释放出微量α射线,导致封装记忆体失忆(丢失数据)或导致中央处理器发生软错误(死机),要求封装材料做到α射线辐射量低于Low Alpha 标准,或低于Ultra Low Alpha 标准

       In package materials, trace elements in semiconducting materials emit trace amounts of alpha rays,causing the package memory to fail (lost data) or causing the central processor to suffer soft errors (crash)。The package material is required to achieve alpha ray radiation to a minimum of Low Alpha. Standard, or lower than Ultra Low Alpha standard。

    Low Alpha < 0.02 cph/cm²

           Ultra Low Alpha < 0.002 cph/cm²