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the Ultrasonic Expert! Collaboration. Insight. Advantage.

Since 1986, Sonix has pioneered many of the breakthroughs in image accuracy & process productivity that have helped wafer & chip manufacturers literally transform the world. We consistently found the right answers to very difficult problems. 

Today, Sonix acoustic scanning microscopes are used by leading manufacturers globally to perform nondestructive inspection of bonded wafers & packaged semiconductors, from the development lab to the production floor. These high performance systems deliver the high-resolution images & advanced diagnostic tools that semiconductor designers and fabricators need to verify reliability, qualify new designs, monitor production & improve process control.

Technology innovation & leadership are our core. We make substantial R&D investments, and developing novel solutions to meet evolving market demands.  We collaborate with our customers to address today’s needs & tomorrow’s innovations.

Together with Tektronix, whom become our parent company since Jan/2017, we co-invent with the engineering team alot of breakthrough technology for inspection world. We have changed the world since in terms of metrology and non-destructive inspection for R&D, FA and even production customers.

Clearer & superior imaging, greater & faster throughput, swifter responsiveness — that’s few of Sonix's advantages among the others to maintain our market leadership position.


  • New pulser receiver
    With the advent of more complex packages such as MuF , Copper pillars, stacked dies and closely spaced TSV's, it is necessary to produce signals with higher signal-to-noise ratio. Sonix’s exclusive next generation pulse2™, delivers this capability....

  • The pulse2™ offers 12dB of extra gain and up to 4X improvement in SNR compared to a standard pulser receiver. This implies that deeper interfaces can now be penetrated by increasing the gain without increasing noise allowing the signal to stand out from the background noise. This in turn allows the user to inspect deeper interfaces than previously possible. The SNR improvement of the pulse2™ over the standard pulser/receiver is shown below in Figure 1. The x-axis is the gain (dB) and y-axis is the improvement in SNR (X) of pulse2™ vs standard pulser/receiver. The SNR improvement is best for higher gains, which is where it is most needed.
    The pulse2™ is available on standard Sonix systems. It replaces the standard DPR 500 and remote pulser combination with a single, compact, water resistant pulse2™ unit, and three pulse2™ units (L, H, and U) can be connected at the same time so there is no need for manual changing of remote pulsers. The bulky 204 cable is replaed with high-flex, narrow diameter signal and trigger cales for improved reliability.The features and defects at the substrate level that were buried in the background noise with a standard pulser receiver are now being resolved/detected using a pulse2™. In addition defects that were not seen before are now clearly visible . Come visit us at our booth for more product demonstration and detaills.

    4 cable is replaced with high-flex, narrow diameter signal and trigger cables for improved reliability.

  • New HR Wand
    Come see us on how we produce a better Through Image via our latest technology on new HR Wand!...

  • The new HR Wand not only creates clearer Through Images, it also provides the user peace of mind on alignment at the same time:

    Easier alignment (not have to worry about wand rotating as tightening)

    Quicker alignment

    Higher Resolution 25 MHz wand

    Easily upgradable on Echo systems

    Extended wand kit option with new flexible fixture

  • New Flexible Tray Fixture
    Worry about how to accommodate different type of product into the scan tank? We have the solution!<br /><br />The flexible tray fixture provides the flexibility for user to secure wafer, Jedec Trays, strips without having to worry about size!...

  • Benefits:

    Ease of use saves time

    Allows for better imaging due toitems being scanned being held securely

    Works with trays, strips and wafers and they fits into existing ECHO platforms. This is Sonix Patent Pending.