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The SUSS MicroTec Group is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring applications with more than sixty years of engineering experience. 

Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for backend lithography, wafer bonding and photomask processing, complemented by micro-optical components.

The production of memory chips, cameras for mobile phones or tire pressure sensors – the equipment solutions of SUSS MicroTec are applied within a wide variety of manufacturing processes for applications of daily or industrial use. Customers in the semiconductor industry and related markets like Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED appreciate our comprehensive experience in wafer processing. This makes us a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as for research and development.


  • MaskTrack Pro Series
    Next-Generation Lithography for Photomask Clean, Bake and Develop...

  • MaskTrack Pro solves next-generation lithography roadmap requirements for photomask cleaning, bake and developing. MaskTrack Pro is designed to balance the most stringent conditions of 193i 1x nm half-pitch (hp) DPT, extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) and nanomprint lithography (NIL) processing with innovative techniques to maximize mask performance.

    With mask integrity playing a greater part in the success of advanced lithographic processing, MaskTrack Pro is the only platform that is specifically designed in respect to EUVL. It is extendable to allow tool clustering with third-party products for a holistic approach to storage, handling and processing of the mask in a fully-controlled and ultra-clean environment. Its modular platform guarantees maximum flexibility and customization. With its highest first pass cleaning yield, MaskTrack Pro has been accepted as the platform of choice in the industry.

  • MA300 Gen2 Mask Aligner
    Highly Automated Mask Aligner Platform for 300mm and 200mm Wafers...

  • SUSS MicroTec's MA300 Gen2 is a highly automated mask aligner platform for 300mm and 200mm wafers. It is specifically designed for 3D Packaging, wafer level packaging and flip-chip applications but can be used as well for other technologies where geometries in the range of 3 and 100 microns have to be exposed. The MA300 Gen2 represents a new generation of mask aligners from SUSS MicroTec that are designed to address the requirements of modern high-end fabs in a high volume manufacturing environment.
  • ACS200 Gen3 Coater & Developer
    Combining Expertise with Innovation...

  • The SUSS ACS200 Gen3 platform is the successful result of a perfect mix of innovative and production proven components. With the capability of up to 4 wet process modules and a maximum of 19 plates it perfectly suits the needs of high volume manufacturing (HVM). The unmatched configuration flexibility of modules and technologies covers not only the requirements of the Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED market it also bridges the gap between R&D and HVM.
  • DSC300 Gen2 Projection Scanner
    Projection Scanner DSC300 Gen2...

  • The projection scanner DSC300 Gen 2, suitable for wafer sizes up to 300mm, utilizes latest technologies of projection lithography. The system is designed to meet the requirements for wafer-level packaging, 3D packaging and bumping application and is ideal for emerging packaging applications such as CU pillar bumping and wafer-level chip-scale packaging. With its optical performance, alignment accuracy and high level of automation the system represents the latest projection scan technology. The scanning technique results in excellent image uniformity across the wafer (+/- 3%).

    With the projection scanner DSC300 Gen2, SUSS MicroTec offers a complementary technology to its mask aligner portfolio and a lowest cost of ownership alternative for traditional projection stepper lithography.

  • Imprint Lithography
    Micro and Nanoimprint Solutions for SUSS Mask Aligners...

  • SUSS MicroTec offers various approaches to the imprint technology, tailored to the specific process requirements of different applications. All imprint solutions are based on SUSS MicroTec’s highly regarded semi-automated mask aligner suite and support multiple substrate materials and sizes from small pieces up to 200mm wafers.

    The mask aligner platform not only allows for accurate alignment of stamp to substrate but also provides valuable functionalities such as precise stamp-to-substrate levelling and contact pressure control. Process recipes are conveniently edited, offering a high degree of tunability for all relevant parameters. SUSS mask aligners already in the field are easily upgraded with imprint tooling.

  • XBC300 Gen2 Debonder & Cleaner
    Open Platform for More Flexibility...

  • The XBC300 Gen2 debonder and cleaner platform is designed for processing wafers of 200 and 300 mm in size as well as oversized carriers. Sophisticated processing allows for handling of tape mounted device wafer as thin as 50 µm or even below. Its advanced process versatility reaches from mechanical peel-off and excimer laser-assisted debonding to cleaning capabilities for thinned wafer and carrier wafer. Hereby the XBC300 Gen2 offers a comprehensive solution for 2.5D and 3D integration applications. The SUSS XBC300 Gen2 Debonder and Cleaner platform is designed for process development as well as high volume manufacturing. It offers both, low cost of ownership and process flexibility with full automation.