• Booth: M0956
  • - 4th Floor

TECNISCO was established in 1970 as a processing service provider for precision components, taking advantage of DISCO Corporation's cutting and grinding technologies.

Since then, we have developed and integrated our technology fields into a "Cross-edge" micro processing technology which crosses five leading-edge technologies such as cutting, grinding, polishing, metalizing, and bonding, thus supporting high-tech products in the industries of optical communication, industrial laser, AV/mobile, projector, automotive and medical devices.

Now, with “ The TECNISCO WAY “which clearly defined our corporate values, every single staff member of our company continuously challenges creativity and evolution. With our developed unique micro processing technologies, we promise that we will continue to provide first-grade products and services to our customers to become a real solution partner who can realize what our customers really want.


  • Metal products
    Heatsinks for optical communication, industrial laser, power semiconductor devices, MPU, etc....

  • It is possible to machine cutting-resistant metals such as CuW, Kv, Ag, Mo or Cu. We are very good at microprocessing of products from a square shape of 200 μm on a side to a few millimeters. Our technologies include such processing as sharp edge, burring of less than a few μm, Ni/Au plating, AuSn vapor deposition and pattern metallization.
  • Glass products
    Glass products for display devices for projectors, sensors, mobile devices, semiconductors, biotechnology/medical equipment, etc.<br />...

  • We provide a variety of products from glass wafers for MEMS devices used in projectors or pressure/acceleration sensors to microfluidic glass products for the biotechnology/medial industries based on the customers’ need. In addition, we have started providing processing of chemically-strengthened glasses for the touch panel industry.
  • Other
    Metal and ceramic products such as Si, Al2O3, Al, Sapphire, etc....

  • Highly-reliable silicon products realized by “Cross-edge” microprocessing technology and quality assurance system