Kanematsu Corporation

Minato-ku,  Tokyo 
  • Booth: N0188
  • - 4th Floor

We will exhibit advanced Semiconductor equipments.

Kanematsu has a long experience to deal with the semiconductor equipment. We have not only a wide range of product lines but also a domestic and overseas support structures. We keep trying to discover cutting-edge technologies all over the world. We are uniquely commercializing them with good partnership and we are trying to develop them as the de-facto industry standards that also meet the needs of the customers. We have good flexibilities to satisfy the needs of the customers and it makes a good relationship with them.

We will exhibit and can introduce the most advanced Semiconductor Equipment in Japan. Please feel free to contact us!

Exhibition Products:

-  Inkjet Coating System for Semiconducor -Fine Pattern Coating

-  New Prebaking System for Panel Level Packaging 

-  Plating System & Deaerator Unit of Pure water or Plating Ink

-  Au Plating Ink

-  2D & 3D X-Ray Inspection System (Machine display)

-  Non-contact 3D measuring Instrument System (Machine display)

-  IC Test Handler  (Machine display)

-  Burn-in Board Handler

-  Framed Wafer Prober 

-  Individual Temperature Reliability Test System   


  • I-Bit/ LFX-1000 (In-line X-Ray Inspection System)
    In-line X-ray inspection system for IC wire bonding...

  • Key features

    1. Enables X-ray to investigate the internal state of the IC component on the lead frame.

    2. Set the magazine with the lead frame , and fully automatically perform.

     (automatic supply, inspection and automatic storage.)

    3. LFX is capable of automatical inspection (OK/NG) of the connection status of the wire bonding, contamination and so on.

    4. High-resolution X-ray images are acquired by micro focus X-ray tube and high sensitivity X-ray flat panel, enabling highly accurate inspection.

  • I-Bit/ 400tRX (Off-line X-Ray Inspection System)
    High resolution inspection for Compact inspection system with 3D X-ray Stereo CT<br />...

  • Key features

    1. ''X-ray stereo method'' (i-Bit exclusive technology.)

    2. Achieves 1,000X geometric magnification.

    3. Shooting with an oblique angle owing to wide-range X-ray irradiation.

    4. Auto-inspection of BGA (option)

    5. VCT (Vertical CT) function, OCT (Oblique CT) function (Option)

    Basic Specifications

     -Tube voltage 100kV

     -X-Ray output   16W

       -Focus size        2μm

  • I-Bit/ Six-3000 (In-line X-Ray Inspection system)
    Fully automatic X-ray inspection system for solder bump on a wafer.<br />...

  • Key features

     1. Auto-inspection system and pass/fail evaluation for bumps on a wafer.

     2.  Voids (air bubbles) embedded in a wafer are  detected by using X-ray, the diameter (dimensions) of void is measured on the acquired image, and pass/fail evaluation is carried out automatically when the diameter exceed the criteria.

     3. Using nano-focus tube sources and cutting-edge X-ray digital camera enable obtaining high resolution images and accurate void inspection.

    Basic Specifications

    X-ray Tube Nano-focus sources (water-cooled type)
    X-ray image receptor 16million-pixel high-resolution flat panel
    Wafer size 12-inch
    Vaccum -56kPa 20NI/min φ4 tube o.d.(one touch fitting)
    Compressed air supply Supply pressure 0.5Mpa or more φ8 tube o.d.(one touch fitting)
    Power supply Three-phase AC200V, 6kVA
    External dimension 2,210(W) x 1,500(D) x 1,770(H) mm
    Weight 2,000kg
    X-ray Ileakage 1μSv/h or less

  • ISHII HYOKI/ Inkjet Coater_IP300-P (Patterning)
    ALL IN ONE INKJET Model for patterning...

  • Feature
    1. Corresponds to patterning or Partial coating application. Highly precise patterning application is realized
    2. Realization of reduction for running cost
    3. Enable coating the ink including filler
    4. Preliminary curing by UV irradiation is possible (option)
    "Application" For Mass Production
    "Ink viscosity" Approx.5~13mPa・s@25℃
    "Printing area" Max.300×300mm
    "Printing speed" Max.350mm/s
    "Applicable Ink" Solvent Ink , Ink with filler , UV INK etc.
    "Resolution" Max.2400dpi(Scanning Coating)
    "Curing unit" Hot Plate / Vacuum dry/UV-LED
    "Machine size" Approx.3250W×2600D×2350H mm