Akribis Systems Pte Ltd

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  • - 1st Floor

committed to providing precise motion control solutions

Akribis Systems Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2004. 

Today, there are two production factories in Singapore and Shanghai, China, with worldwide sales and support offices in USA, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Germany , and distribution channels in Asia, Europe and North America. 
We design and manufacture direct drive motors, stages and precision systems for manufacturing, inspection and testing, and support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, solar, flat panel, hard disk, LED, printed circuit board, printing, photonics, and biomedical manufacturing, etc.
Our strong commitment and continual dedication to the innovation and development of new technologies has resulted in 21 patents (15 patents applied and 6 pending). Our engineering expertise will consistently help our customers design the best motion control solutions for custom applications and advance to become state-of-the-art in development of direct drive motors and precision stages.


  • ACR

  • 採用弧型線性馬達解決方案,用以取代以往大中孔的直驅應用,既獲得更好的精度及端跳控制,在單位成本效益還能大大提升。
  • ACW

  • 相比於其他同級對手,擁有更高的連續/峰值轉矩輸出及更理想的緊湊,轉子慣量更加輕量化,對應高速高精的客戶旋轉應用。

  • GTD

  • 系統式平台設計,搭配Akribis獨家專利的繞線技術,在最小體積下創造最大的推力,搭配以色列高階控制器,達成快速響應/高精/高速的多軸應用。

  • LX1030Z

  • 採用Akribis線性馬達,打造三軸全直驅的龍門加工中心,客戶可選擇搭配Fagor或者三菱的CNC系統,擁有背隙、無磨損、高精度的直驅特點,未來維護成本相當低廉。

  • SAX

  • 適用於晶圓、藍寶石製程晶粒的檢測,擁有超大(>350mm)的中孔設計,搭配高同步性的雙驅系統,分別實現線性掃描及陣列掃描的高同步性及高單步響應時間。