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Hello. PSTEK is Korean company specialized in power supply.

PSTEK, a power supply company, started its business in 1998 with the design and manufacture of special power supplies. Since then, we have been providing total power supply solutions ranging from consultation to design, manufacturing and after-care service. In addition, we have expanded our business to induction heating power supplies, industrial power supplies and special order power supplies.

Our goal is to achieve true customer satisfaction. Since our inception, we have maintained more than 35% of our employees as R&D personnel, and have been developing high-efficiency and customer-friendly products based on our R&D investment. As a result, we have realized customer satisfaction by supplying an improved power supply at a reasonable price than expensive imported products.

1. Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply

2. RF Plasma Power Supply

3. Photonic Curing System


  • PSTEK Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply
    PSTEK Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply...

  • PSTEK electrostatic chuck power supply improves process productivity by enabling effective dechucking with load discharge function through internal ground. 

    In addition, a variety of protection features, such as an RF filter built-in and digital arc control, can effectively protect equipment and wafers while minimizing defect rates.

    It was also delivered to major display manufacturing company and verified its stability and productivity.

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  • PSTEK RF Plasma Power Supply
    PSTEK RF Plasma Power Supply...

  • RF technology is the right choice for processes that require high accuracy and repeatability. 

    PSTEK RF plasma power supply is guaranteed for long time stable operation and high matching accuracy, so you can get improved productivity and best quality result.

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  • PSTEK Photonic Curing System
    PSTEK Photonic Curing System...

  • With its function to control both output voltage and current, the PSTEK photonic curing system always delivers uniform energy to the material during lamp irradiation, making it suitable for high-quality production. 

    In addition, since the effective irradiation area of the lamp house is 200mm wide, which enables large-scale mass production using a small number of lamps.

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