Chernger Tech Co., Ltd.

Taipei City, 
  • Booth: I2021
  • - 1st Floor

Chernger Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 1999. To produce high speed and accuracy CCD automated optical inspections (AOI) is our goal, and we are constantly improving our skills and our products as well.

Surface defect inspection is the most hard part in inspection. However, we had developed unique optical field and algorithm to overcome the difficulties of inspection. Besides, with the continual improvement of technologies, it is possible to inspect a variety of surface defect at high speed. As a result, we develop 5 to 10 professional CCD AOI system every year to fulfill the requirements of defect inspection in domestic and foreign markets.

Due to internationalisation, we have received many orders from overseas. We also obtained affirmations from our international customers because of our achievements of product quality and precision. We create cross-boundary contacts to provide assistance for our customers and keep pursuing progress on AOI field .

We have experiences in different product and defect verification, including metal surface defect, fractured defect, corner cutted, partickle, etc. After years of efforts, our skills and unique methods can inspect most of defects, and we believe we can overcome challenges and provide more high quality AOI machines.