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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a global sealing supplier.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a key supplier of polymer technologies that meet the challenges of the semiconductor industry. We offer decades of engineering and applications experience, as well as the latest knowledge in the design of high precision, customized sealing solutions for critical semiconductor applications.

Benefit from local specialist support, global reach and dedicated regional semiconductor experts. These three pillars ensure best in class service levels, from design, prototype and delivery through to serial production. This industry-leading design support and our digital tools are key assets to accelerate performance.



  • Turcon® Varilip® PDR
    High speed rotary sealing...

  • Constructed from one or multiple Turcon® Polytetrafluoroethylene-based sealing elements, which are mechanically retained in a precision machined metal body, Turcon® Varilip® PDR (Performance, Durability, Reliability) rotary shaft seals provide positive dynamic sealing at high rotary speeds.

    Characterized by low friction and stick-slip-free running, the seal reduces temperature generation, permits higher peripheral speeds and lowers power consumption.
    Tests show that Turcon® Varilip® PDR requires only around 50 percent of the torque of a radial oil seal when running in Fomblin® oil, commonly used in semiconductor vacuum pumps. This results in a long-service life, with maximized mean time between planned maintenance and greater productivity.

  • Turcon® Variseal®
    Spring-energized seals for high vacuum and corrosive environments...

  • Field-proven in extreme gas and liquid handling situations, a number of variations of Turcon® Variseal® spring-energized seals are especially suited to the most demanding of semiconductor sealing applications, including high vacuum and corrosive environments.

    Turcon® Variseal® NW 
    The Turcon® case of this flange seal encompasses the energizing spring in such a way that there can be no possible contact between the spring or spring cavity and system media. It is ideal for semiconductor applications where it can successfully operate in a vacuum and is proven in fluorine gas.

    Turcon® Variseal® PS™
    This high-performance seal has been designed with a Turcon® PTFE based sealing body and encompasses a polymeric spring. Using the system media pressure, it is engineered to energize the seal precisely at low pressures, while maintaining high-pressure sealing integrity. The Turcon® Variseal® PS™ has ultra-low leach out impurities as per SEMI standard F57-0301 and minimal outgassing, making it ideal for use in semiconductor wet processing.

    Turcon® Variseal® Ultra-Clean™
    This  seal offers the ultimate in cleanliness, making it ideal for use in processing equipment where maintaining an ultra-clean system is top priority. In the unique design of Turcon® Variseal® Ultra-Clean™, the spring required to activate the seal is fully enclosed within a Turcon® case. This means metal extractables are totally excluded, an important factor in semiconductor fabrication where the minutest contamination can destroy the effectiveness of wafers.

  • Engineered Molded Parts
    Custom-designed products to improve integrity and total cost of ownership....

  • Early partnership with customers efficiently develops individualized designs that provide the optimum solution.
    To compliment standard products, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has dedicated engineering and research departments to support the design of new, custom products for critical semiconductor applications.

    Technically challenging applications are solved with custom-designed solutions, such as gaskets and wafer handling pads. Complex, custom components can be manufactured using a range of different innovative manufacturing processes with rapid prototyping to help customers reduce time to market.

    Material options for Complex Engineered Moldings include Isolast® PureFab™ Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), Resiflour™ PureFab™ range of premium Fluoroelastomers for high purity and low trace metal content as well as other Fluoroelastomer (FKM) grades, where process chemicals are less aggressive. Turcon® polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based compounds, and thermoplastic materials such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK) are also available.


  • O-Rings
    O-Rings are the most widely used seal because of their flexibility, ease of use and inexpensive production methods....

  • Suitable for a wide variety of static applications, they are either specified as a single sealing element or as energizing elements for two-component seals and wipers.

    Our unique and focused range of leading-edge materials delivers exceptional sealing integrity in critical semiconductor processes.

    Material options for semiconductor sealing include Isolast® PureFab™ Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), Resiflour™ PureFab™ range of premium Fluoroelastomers for high purity and low trace metal content as well as other Fluoroelastomer (FKM) grades, where process chemicals are less aggressive.

    Our O-Rings are both cost-effective and perform highly in almost every environment. No matter if you need metric or inch, standard or custom-made O-Rings – any size of O-Ring seals is available – including giant O-Rings using our proprietary  FlexiMold™ process.


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