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AIRTECH System Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) was established in 1990 as a joint venture between a Taiwanese domestic company specializing in advanced air-conditioning systems, and Japan’s largest clean room equipment expert, Japan AIRTECH Co., Ltd.  The company was formed with the objective of introducing to Taiwan the most advanced cleanroom designs, fabrication, and equipment by employing the joint-venture’s proprietary technology, systems and research. 

Think Globally, Focus Locally

We learn and make use of global best practices and R&D yet currently focus our efforts on serving the domestic market. Our customers include locally based conglomerates such as TSMC, UMC, AUO, Chi Mei, Promoter, Macronix, Nanya, and Taiwan masks; academic and research institutions like Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Chang Gung University, Food Research Institute (FRI) and other entities. Having served the domestic market for quite some time, AIRTECH has earned a good reputation among its customers and the various industries where they operate. This has made AIRTECH the provider of first-choice for companies needing cleanroom equipment in Taiwan. As a testament to the good name we have built, AIRTECH System Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) has secured both customers and agents outside of Taiwan.  We have successfully serviced the requirements of companies in South East Asia, South America, Middle East, and Europe.

Strengthening R&D and quality

We regularly send our personnel to Japan for training and to continuously upgrade our competencies and expertise in the markets we operate in. Moreover, we have established our own Research and Development (R&D) facility, to further our independent research on cutting-edge technologies as well as new product development, design and innovation. This has enabled us to secure a number of patents for clean room equipment technology and likewise obtain internationally recognized certifications like “ISO 9001”, “ISO 9001:2008”, “ISO 9001:2015”, “ISO 14001”, CE certification, and MEPS certification. Despite our achievements, we continuously endeavor for greater heights by focusing on innovation, quality and service, strive to constantly improve ourselves to better serve our customers.  


    A clean strong wind is emitted by a fan equipped with high-efficiency filters from which nozzles blow off dust and any other particles on the surface of the personnel and the object being transited....

  • People entering the clean room from the gowning room pass through the air shower, using high-speed and powerful clean air to effectively and quickly remove particles such as: dust, hair, dander and other debris attached to the clean clothes, which consequently reduce the pollution problem and the transfer of particles from one area to the other leaving the room in its highest cleaning state, dust-free and ready for manufacturing high-quality products.

    ★Our company uses the high static pressure turbo DC fan imported from Japan, which is small in size and has high static pressure, low power consumption.

    Passbox helps minimize cross-contamination during transportation and safely transfer materials, products or tools from one area to the other....

  • ★Brand new dust free multi-function transfer box, equipped with “interlock system air tightness and more upgrade.

    APB06 Dust-free type transfer box

    It is widely used in our everyday life. It encompasses low dust-generating hinges, flat door handles, and some see-through strengthened glass windows to create an integrated flat appearance in order to prevent dust accumulation.

    BHPB06Countermeasure type dust-free transfer box for biological laborator

    1.The high-strength structural door created by the double mechanical door handles makes it difficult to reduce the air-tight effect of the window due to the allocated time.

    2.Thus, the use of silicone gaskets creates an excellent air-tight effect.

    ※Both models are euipped with an integrated panel. An unlock emergency function (EMS) is added to handle abnormal conditions. The internal R angle design is convenient for users in order to clean the interior.  

    The dust-free workbench provides a dust-free and aseptic working environment. It can artificially control the discharge of polluted air through a special filter channel which lead no harm....

  • ★Achieve a higher level of cleanliness through dust-free room, dust-free shed and dust-free workbench.

    【KVM-757】Desktop dust-free workbench:

    1.The front sliding door is designed with a 10-degree tilt, based on the operator’s convenience.

    2.Lighting and sterilization switch are built-in for internal sterilization when no one is working.

    3.The adoption of DC brushless motor allows 30% of energy-saving compared to previous AC motors.

    【APC-43】Portable dust-free workbench:

    1.The front panel is dotted with a hard wind deflector which prevents scratches

    2. The assembly is very simple. You can easily start your operation once the three (3) panels are assembled.

    3.The DC accessory uses mobile power supply that can easily be moved around thus, breaking the restriction and limitation on the workplace.

    4.A fuse setting prevents the equipment from any damage.

    CB is a simple dust-free room that can be quickly assembled. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical industries as well as processing formulas, test samples and so on....

  • AIRTECH SYSTEM CO., LTD has accumulated 30 years of strong professional and customized service experience. Our knowhow enables us to help you build the clean space of your choice (ISO3-ISO8), leave it to us and let us help you fulfill the dust-free working environment your personnel and you highly deserve.

  • T-MAC
    The new ultra-thin unit helps break the limitation of space installation while achieving higher cleanliness requirements....

  • 1.The main composition can be controlled within 36 mm and the total height of a thick PTFE filter is only 75mm when the assembly reaches 35 mm.

    2.The main structure is made of SUS Stainless steel which in appearance is simple and neat.

    3.The PTFE filters are highly efficient, have low pressure drop and are not inclined to shed.

    4.The operating voltage is AC 110V or AC 220V. Special and additional specifications of DC24V can also be made. 

    It simultaneously serves as a hand washer and a hand drier, prevent the pollution of clean clothes and also prevent the transfer of impurities to the clean room....

  • ★Automatic hand washing and drying machine with high-efficient double air knife. Greatly improved drying efficiency.

    1.The design of double air-knives improves the efficiency of hand drying. 

    2.It is equipped with HEPA high-efficiency filter in order to keep high cleanliness from washing to drying.

    3.Patented air duct combined with DC high-efficiency brushless motor to reach low noise and power-saving effect.

    4.The accessory punching plate which is easy to be cleaned helps prevent the splashing and eventually the clogging by foreign objects

    5.The germicidal lamp sterilizes internally when not in use.

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