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A leading provider of wafer handling systems

With over 30-year's history, RECIF Technologies designs, manufactures, distributes and services robotic handling equipment for highly sensitive environments dedicated to end users & OEM’s of the semiconductor industry.

Customer orientated and pro-active, counting over 1000 units installed, we keep a strong focus on highest product quality coupled with customer satisfaction.

Our Fab-lite organization guarantees high flexibility and sustainability to satisfy customers.
Acknowledged as expert in wafer handling and innovative solutions, we firmly believe that building strong partnerships with companies mastering complementary core competences, will lead us together to excellence, and better serve the industry.

 Press Releases

  • (20200813)

    New Advanced Purge 

    High Performance with low CoO


    Purge with N2 (Nitrogen) or CDA (Clean Dry Air) is very efficient to protect wafers inside a FOUP from internal and external Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC).

    ENTEGRIS has developed FOUPs which provide a uniform laminar purge flow due to porous diffusers at the rear of the FOUP: Advanced Purge Diffusers in A300 & Spectra.

    However, in spite of these efficient purge gas diffusion features, once the FOUP door is opened, the FOUP purge performance is affected by the equipment mini environment air flow.

    Indeed, the mini environment air flow enters the opened FOUP, bringing moisture and oxygen back inside despite the flow applied by the purge. Countering the incoming airflow to keep RH (Relative Humidity) at a low level inside the FOUP requires to drastically increase the N2 purge flow rate. It then induces a very high N2 consumption, and therefore high costs.  


    Entegris has patented technology to improve the purge when the FOUP door is opened. RECIF Technologies, through rights extended by Entegris, designed an industrial solution able to prevent the mini-environment laminar flow from entering the FOUP, even at low purge flow rate.


    RECIF Technologies has conducted studies on mini-environment and Purge flows modeled via Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to determine the best design for the "flow converter" (dimensions, position, size, shape…)

    TESTS @ imec

    In the frame of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking Collaborative Program PIn3S, RECIF has implemented its solution in a wafer sorter at imec to demonstrate and measure the benefits. RECIF Technologies’ advanced purge solution was able to maintain in the opened FOUP a RH below 5%, with a N2 flow rate of no more than 110 SLM*.

    * Standard Liter per Minute, at IUPAC Standard Temperature and Pressure (0°C / 32°F & 100 kPa / 1 bar)

    Thanks to its "Advanced Purge", RECIF Technologies is able to reduce N2 consumption by more than 50%, down to a N2 flow rate of 110 SLM while maintaining RH below 5% inside the opened FOUP.

    The technical solution developed is simple, cost efficient and easy to implement compared to any other proposals.

    Continuous improvement should allow reducing even further N2 consumption while keeping the same RH performance levels.

  • With tiniest and tiniest products, pursuing Moore’s law drives us to chase for cleanliness summits.

    Recif commitment for product quality and customers’ satisfaction coupled with its engagement in collaborative R&D programs has led to a new achievement.
    In the frame of an European project, Recif has beneficiated of the most advanced nodes technologies shared in the ecosystem as well as the best qualification tools & Institute partner.

    It sets the path for Recif to demonstrate today’s clear results on its SMART Platform (see following table for more information about Recif SMART Platform)
    Our 10+ years experience on COMPACT Sorter G5/G5+, Recif flagship product, and 450mm R&D, have formed a solid bedrock to insure the highest cleanliness on the SMART Platform.

    But yet, the challenge was doubled by the versatile nature of the platform and multiplication of handling modules.