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We are one professional conductive silicone rubber products manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan. Our leadership team is over 30 years of experience on the silicone rubber products skill field. The Main products including package testing rubber connector, golden wire rubber connector, inter-connector microphone rubber holder, golden net pill for rubber keypad, medical and automobile application silicone development.

There is engineering research center has the designing ability with tooling structure development could meet the customer''s requirement 。


    Applications: ●Inspection of IC packages such as LGA, QFP, QFN, Memory(DDR3, GDDR5...Etc)●Interposer application, Ball to Ball and Ball to Pad....

  •         Applications:

    • Inspection of IC packages such as LGA, QFP, QFN, Memory(DDR3, GDDR5...Etc)
    • Interposer application, B to B and Ball to Pad.


    • Durable and consistent contact
    • Excellent electrical impedance
    • Easy to maintain and replace
    • No damage on solder balls or pads


    • Pitch: 0.3mm~1.5mm
    • Thickness: 0.4mm~1.5mm
    • Frequency: ~14GHZ
    • Resistance: 50~100mΩ  


    • Operating temperature: -20°C~+120°C
    • Force request: 15~35 gram/per pad for 0.1mm traveling
  • Silicone Rubber For IC Testing (MT-TYPE)
    Applications:<br />●Final testing<br />●Interposer <br />●SLT testing<br />●Dram testing <br />●ROM write <br />●RF device testing ( passive components )...

  •         Applications:

    • Fine pitch IC packages inspection as BGA, FBGA, PROBE CARD...Etc.
    • The inspection of Passive components especially is the high-frequency request.
    • Rom write, Memory inspection, flexible board testing ...etc.


    • Perfect reliability.
    • Excellent electrical impedance.
    • Easy for maintenance and replacement.
    • Fine pitch and universal applications.


    • Pitch: 0.1mm, 0.075mm, 0.05mm
    • Wire angle: 63°,75°,90°
    • Thickness: 0.15mm~2mm
    • Length & width: 5~50mm
    • Protrusion: 0.01~0.05mm
    • Operating temperature: -40°C~+140°C
    • Compression rate: 10%~30%
    Applications:●Final testing●Interposer ●SLT testing●Dram testing ●ROM write ●RF device testing ( passive components )...

  •  Applications:

    • Inspections for RF device and RF components.
    • Inspection of fine pitch IC packages such as BGA, LGA, QFP, PROBE CARDS, TSOP, QFN.
    • Low profile, durable and consistent contact for PCB to PCB, and other similar assemblies, such as applications in some CSP chips.


    • Very low resistance
    • Excellent electrical contact
    • Testing cost down 
    • Replace traditionally pogo pin
    • Easy and convenient to maintain
    • No solder ball damage
  • Gold plated connector & Zebra connector
    Applications: Interlink of the LCD and PCB...

  • Gold plated connector (Wire Type) (鍍金線導電條)


    • The interlink of the LCD and PCB, used widely in LCM assembly.


    • Excellent contact resistance less than 1Ω.

    Zebra connector (Carbon Type) (導電斑馬條)


    • Shock and water resistant on portable electronics.
    • Hest-resist, Vibration resist and adjustable.
  • Flexible metal circuit(FMC)
    Applications: Interlink of various display -- TN, STN, TFT, LTPS, OLED...etc....

  • Flexible metal circuit(FMC)


    • Interlink various display modules-TN/STN/TFT...Etc.
    • And PCB to PCB or PCB to Module.


    • Stabile electrical performance
    • Excellent reliability
    • No damage after bending
    • Without tooling cost once sampling

            Standard marking system:

    • Example:NI88055525HH (60L)
    • Details:
    1. NI- a material of the conductor: Ni/ Au/ Sn
    2. 88- conductor numbers: pins/(pitch no.+1)
    3. 055-pitch: 055=0.55mm/ 060=0.6mm/ 080=0.8mm
    4. 525-length of FMC: 525=52.5mm
    5. HH-connect type:

                                             PP(press solder for both extremities)

                                             SS(connector socket for both extremities)

                                             PS(press solder with connector socket)

                                             OS(other special)

           6.(60L)- length of FMC: 60L(60mm distance of 2 extremities)

  • Soft Gold-Net Pill
    Applications: It is suitable for products that need to withstand higher amp & voltage. such as automobiles & medical equipment....

  • Soft Metal type-Gold Net Pill


    • The contact is soft as traditional carbon pill; the gold net pill contact PCB is better than 〝gold plated metal pill〞.
    • Lifespan is better than conventional carbon pill.
    • It will not have any dent during assembly due to the soft surface.
    • Suitable for an automotive keypad that needs to withstand higher current and voltage.
    • Electrical specification: from 0.5A(15V) to maximum 2.0A(30A). (Lifespan is inverse proportion with current and voltage)
    • Contact resistance: less than 1Ω.
    • Resist oxidation and SGS qualified.

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