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    SEMICON Taiwan will be opened in Taipei on 23th Sep. 2020.  AMC, semiconductor film market supplier is the first appearance in the show. As emerging fields such as smart phones, 5G , Internet of Things ( IOT), automotive electronics , and artificial intelligence (AI) put forward higher requirements for advanced packaging . Advanced packaging technology keeps going from CoWoS to InFO then to SoIC. This is a process of evolution from 2.5 D IC to 3D IC packaging, which represents the demand and development trend of packaging technology.  OSAT, outsourced semiconductor assembly and test are facing the field of advanced packaging technology competition.  At the same time, OSAT are seeking for low-cost high-performance materials for extending Moore's Law application.

    AMC Warpage Solutions

    AMC provides the semiconductor industries all kinds of film applications, For Warpage solutions, AMC provides a special functionality of the material. It can stand with high temperature process, stand against chemical process and work in high vacuum process.  Also, it is easy to de-tape without residue glue after high temperature process and wide range of chemical treatment. AMC can provide customers a set of certified and feasible solutions.


    AMC clean pad  

    The cleaning of probes is increasingly important for both WS (CP) and FT semiconductor wafer testing. Due to the diversification of the use of chip, the probe card has also developed toward multi-pin and narrow-pitch in recent years. Due to expensive probe cards, saving cost becomes more and more important by extending the life of probe card.  For current market of cleaning the probe card, such as Conventional Vertical type, MEMS type and Canti-Lever type, AMC’s products can effectively reduce the probe tip consumption, be applied in wide temperature range, different substrates. In addition, they have the advantage of being easy to de-tape without residual glue.

    AMC BGBM Tape

    BGBM, backside grinding and backside metallization is key to improve the performance of semiconductor components by increasing heat dissipation and conductivity. It can be widely applied in the MEMS, the CMOS, 3D IC due to thinner and downsizing device package. Whether warpage issue during the grinding or corrosion issues caused by thinning process, AMC provides one-stop solution by simplifying the process to improve efficiency. It can effectively optimize the process and reduce costs.

    About AMC

    AMC is a passionate and highly diversified team. Our targets are developing film applications in semiconductor industries, improve and enhance process technology to achieve diversification of application. Based on core technology, market demand-oriented and advantageous cost strategies, our team can increase continuous innovation, creation of corporate value and the competitiveness of customers.  

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