Zollner Elektronik AG

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Solutions for your ideas

Complex mechatronic systems, from development to after-sales service: As a partner to leading global organizations, as well as small and mid-size businesses, Zollner Elektronik AG offers system solutions that cross sectorial divides along the entire product lifecycle.

Through continuous organic growth, the Zollner Group established itself worldwide as one of the top 15 EMS service providers in the realm of mechatronic services.

At our 20 locations, in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China, Tunisia, the USA, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Hong Kong, we place our confidence in quality, an optimal price-performance ratio, technological superiority and a best-cost-country strategy along the entire value chain. It makes no difference whether the focus is individual parts, modules, devices or complex systems: The customer determines the depth of the process.

What is the purpose of the company, and what are our convictions?

  • We are a professional Mechatronics Service Provider and offer individual sector solutions along the entire value-added chain.
  • We provide customer benefit and competitive advantage to our customers for the entire life cycle of products and services.
  • We place our trust in long-term, trusting partnerships.
  • We are constantly improving our innovative power, quality and sustainability.
  • We are continually improving ourselves and with that ensure productivity and process excellence.
  • We are fast, uncomplicated and utilize the synergies between our business fields and functions.
  • We rely on qualified and motivated employees and on responsibility, initiative and team spirit.
  • We earn enough profits to be able to remain financially independent and invest in the future.
  • As a family-owned company we are oriented to the long-term, rely on organic growth and recognize our social responsibility.

Altogether over 11,500 employees are actively working toward your satisfaction at the Zollner Group of companies.

As an EMS service provider, we offer a broad, global pallet of services: Research and development, NPI/engineering, materials management, obsolescence management, production, analysis and materials technology, global delivery, repair, refurbishment and after-sales support.