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Welcome to visit FITOK.

Founded in 1998, FITOK Group has been an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of superior quality instrumentation valves and fittings, having our R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, warehousing and service locations in Offenbach Germany, Texas USA, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Suzhou China, Dubai UAE and Alberta Canada.

We have the capability to manufacture and supply 5 different product categories, including :

■ General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings

■ Medium & High Pressure Valves and Fittings

■ High Purity & Ultra High Purity Products

■ Sampling Systems

■ Tubing

Our mission is to provide the best quality products and the most professional services to our customers. The performance of our products is guaranteed during the whole manufacturing cycle from our employment of customized materials which should be controlled more strictly than just according to ASTM requirements to our implementation of production and testing exceeding the industry standards.

Since our inception, FITOK has been applying sound quality control standards in all activities. FITOK is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our products have been certified by different industry authorities and third-party inspection institutions in different countries to have obtained a variety of certificates, among which there are the TA-Luft, ABS, ASTM F1387, ISO15848, TPED, E-Mark, CRN, DVGW, PED, API and DOT certificates .

Benefiting from our global facilities, we are able to optimize the most cost-effective resources worldwide. Paired with flexible manufacturing systems, we deliver a wide range of the best quality products within a competitive lead time and the most professional services to our customers in an array of applications and industries.

 Press Releases

  • FITOK recently launches a new product - Integrated Gas System, a device specifically used for gas control in the semiconductor industry. FTIOK Integrated Gas System accommodates the growing requirements for the accuracy and reliability of gas control in semiconductor industry. SEMI compliant surface-mounted components and modular design not only reduce the size of the system, but also make installation and maintenance easier.

    fitok Integrated Gas System

    Please see the product catalog for more information. 


  • FITOK Integrated Gas System
    FITOK Integrated Gas System, a device specifically used for gas control in the semiconductor industry....

  • Integrated Gas System is a modular system used for gas control in semiconductor industry. With the advance of semiconductor process technology, higher requirements for gas control system arise.


    FITOK integrated gas system adopts surface mount components conforming to SEMI standard for modular design, which makes installation and maintenance simpler while reducing the size of the system.

    fitok Integrated Gas System

    Single Flow Path  System



    ◆Modular design-shorten design time

    According to the customer's PID diagram, the design can be completed by installing standard substrate, valves (diaphragm valves, check valves, regulators), flowmeters, filters, pressure sensors and other components on the  panel.

    ◆Surface mounting-easy for installation and maintenance

    All components are surface mounted in accordance with SEMI standard (1.125 ''W-seal), and installation and later maintenance can be completed with simple tools.


    The size is about 1/3 the traditional panel, and the corresponding flow path size is also reduced for better contamination control.

    ◆316LVV material, electropolishing process and orbital welding

    The wetted components are all 316LVIM-VAR austenitic stainless steel, the flow paths are all electrolytically polished (Ra0.13), and the fittings are all orbital welded.


    W-seal between the components and the substrate, the sealing faces are independent of components receiving external forces, thus achieving the optimal sealing effect.

    fitok Integrated Gas System

    Nine Flow Paths System


    Ordering Information

    FITOK can design and supply Integrated Gas System according to customer PID diagrams, where filters, pressure sensors and MFC can be provided by customers or FITOK can purchase under customer-provided brands.


    Please see the product catalog for more information. Should you have any questions, please contact us directly or contact your nearest authorized distributor.

  • FITOK keyed QTM quick-connects
    FITOK keyed QTM quick-connects - The Easy Way to Eliminate Accidental Mixing of Fluids in Your Multi-line Systems...

  • fiok Quick-connects

    Use FITOK keyed QTM quick-connects, keys are numbered and colored for easy identification, and it provides a positive mechanical lockout system to prevent accidental intermixing of different lines in actual application.

    8 color-code keyed quick-connects are available.


    For more information, please click to see the product catalog or contact us if you have any questions.

  • FITOK Vacuum Generators
    FITOK Vacuum Generators - Use Vacuum to Purge Your Gas Lines Efficiently...

  • fitok Vacuum-Generators

    At a glance

    Vacuum generators are devices designed to evacuate the gas lines of residue gas by creating a vacuum. With a minimum source Nitrogen pressure of 70 psig, FITOK vacuum generators can generate a 60 Torr vacuum, thus greatly improving the purging efficiency.

    ◎ All-welded design

    ◎ Inner surface roughness of Ra 20 μin. (0.51 μm)

    ◎ 100% tested for Helium leakage


    Technical Data

      Ultimate Vaccum Pressure

      60 Torr (-93.3 kPa)

      Gas Pressure at Ultimate

      70 psig (4.8 bar)

      Gas Flow at Ultimate

      67 l/min

      Max. Working Pressure

      132 psig (10 bar)

      Working Temperature

      32~302°F (0~150°C)


    How it works

    Supply the vacuum generator with gas at inlet. The constriction of nozzle causes the gas flow to accelerate. After exiting the nozzle, the accelerated gas expands and flows through the disffuser into the outlet port. In the process, a vacuum is created in the disffusion chamber, which sucks the residue gas from the gas lines through the vacuum port.

    fitok Vacuum Generators

    Please see the product catalog for more information. Should you have any questions, please contact us directly or contact your nearest authorized distributor.

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