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HEIDENHAIN ensure that machines and plants work productively and efficiently. Since 1948, when the company began a new in Traunreut, HEIDENHAIN has shipped over 7.5 million linear encoders, over 22 million rotary and angular encoders, 500,000 digital readouts and nearly 300,000 TNC controls. Now and in the future, this expertise provides the assurance that HEIDENHAIN was the right choice. A continuous drive to provide technically superior products in combination with reliability, closeness to the customer, and a practice-oriented frame of mind form the basis of HEIDENHAIN’s efforts. HEIDENHAIN has always sought a dialog with science and research on the one hand and with users and customers on the other. Our competence in the area of linear and angular metrology is reflected by a large number of customized solutions for users. These include the measuring and test equipment developed and built for many of the world’s standards laboratories and the angular encoders for various telescopes and satellite receiving antennas. The products in the standard HEIDENHAIN product program naturally profit from the knowledge gained in such projects.

For more information about HEIDENHAIN, please visit us at www.heidenhain.tw

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  • (20200824)


    LIP/LIF series for application in high and ultrahigh vacuum technology...

  • Typ

    Basline error

    Substrate and mounting

    Interpolation error

    Measuring length



    LIP 481V
    LIP 481U

    ± 0.5 μm
    ± 1 μm

    ≤ ± 0.175 μm/ 5 mm

    Scale of Zerodur glass ceramic or glass with fi xing clamps

    ± 7 nm

    70 mm to 420 mm

    LIF 481V

    ± 3 μm

    ≤ ± 0.225 μm/ 5 mm

    ± 12 nm

    70 mm to 1020 mm

    LIC 4113 V
    LIC 4193 V

    ±1 µm (only for Robax glass ceramic), ±3 µm, ±5 µm

    ≤ ±0.275 µm/10 mm

    METALLUR scale grating on glass ceramic or glass

    ± 20 nm

    240 mm to 3040 mm

    New designed incremental encoder, developed to fit customer demands. New 2-field scanning technology with extremely high signal quality, no phase and offset errors, less interpolation errors, very low power consumption and heat development....

  • With the all new linear encoder LIKgo NUMERIK JENA launches a completely new designed product which was especially developed to fit customer demands in a better way. The brand new 2-field scanning module brings several improvements and eases the mounting procedure for the users.

    The LIKgo is the new entry-level exposed optical encoder with outstanding features and establishes the base for serveral upcoming products. This new design also unifies the well known strenghts of the NUMERIK JENA's products in a new way. Usability, a wide range of applicatin possibilites and high quality standard are the ojectives of the new LIK series.

    • Very small and lightweight encoder head
    • 20 µm grating period and measuring steps up to 78.125 nm
    • New 2-field scanning technology with extremely high signal quality
    • No phase and offset errors
    • Less interpolation errors
    • Very low power consumption and heat development
    • Interpolated TTL signals from sensor head w/o additional electronics
    • Possibility of an electronic adjustment after mounting to reduce static mounting errors
    • Improved ADJUSTMENT TOOL connection
  • ETEL VULCANO 精密定位運動平台

  • The Vulcano stage provides high dynamics, great bidirectional repeatability and outstanding position stability performance as well as short move and settle time due to the stiffness and symmetry of the mechanical design. This platform is equipped with a built-in vacuum suction device and allowing ISO1 clean room compatibility.

    The stage is easily configurable and can be outfitted with different modules (Theta, ZTor Z3T) to best suit each individual application. The use of this platform is suitable for Wafer Process Control application such as Overlay Metrology, Critical Dimension and Thin film Metrology as well as other Back-end processes made on large panels/substrates.


    • Travels: 
      • X (upper): up to 650 mm
      • Y1Y2 (lower): up to 650 mm
    • Move 25 mm within ±100 nm
    • Bidirectional repeatability ±350 nm down
    • Position stability down to ±0.7n
    • Speed up to 1.5 m/s
    • Acceleration up to 25 m/s2
    • ISO1 clean room compatible

    Customer Benefits

    • Outstanding move and settle time
    • Outstanding position stability
    • Dynamic flatness correction thanks to Tip tilt actuation
    • Limited footprint
    • Vacuum supply at chuck level
    • Easy serviceability
  • RSF MS15

  • MS 15

    OVERVIEWSmall dimensions

    • System resolution: 10 µm - 0.05 µm
    • Display of the signal quality directly at the scanning head via 3-coloured LED function
    • Easy mounting without additional test box
    • Easy mounting as a result of large mounting tolerances
    • High insensitivity to contamination by use of an extensive singlefield scanning principle 
    • Output signals: TTL, sinus 1 Vpp
    • High permissible traversing speed 
    • Reference mark (accurate and repeatable from both traversing directions)
      Position selectable by customer
    • Integrated subdividing electronics in the encoder head: for up to times 200 interpolation (before quadrature)
    • Max. measuring length: 20 000 mm
    • Two independent switch signals (optical) for individual special functions

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