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RKC has been continually growing for over half a century since its establishment as a specialist of industrial control equipment. As a solution provider of measurement and control, RKC is involved in development, sales and other aspects of business.
RKC provides: Hardware + Software + Peripheral equipment to satisfy the industry needs.
The hardware includes various controllers for temperature, pressure and other processes, power controllers, field network converters, sensors, and custom designed products.
The software includes consulting, engineering, before- and after-sales service.
Peripheral equipment includes various peripheral equipment necessary to build up a solution.
To always provide products of high quality and high reliability, RKC builds and conducts quality management systems at all stages from development, procurement, manufacturing, sales through to shipping and after-sale service.


  • Adhesive Type Temperature Sensor : ST-50 /ST-51
    Easy temperature measurement of tiny objects and gaps...

  • Easy temperature measurement
    Temperature can be measured by simply applying the tip of the sensor
    to a tiny object or inserting the sensor into tiny gaps.
    No dust generation (Polyimide sheet type)
    Durable adhesive tape

    The adhesive tape can be repeatedly applied to and detached from various types of surfaces.
    <Durability of adhesive tape>
    • Up to 150°C (302°F) : Repeated use and detachment is available.
    • Up to 200°C (393°F)
    When temperature stays above 150°C (302°F), repeated use and detachment is available.
    • Up to 250°C (482°F)
    When temperature stays above 200°C (392°F), repeated use and detachment is available.
    • Higher than 250°C (482°F)
    Adhesive part will be burnt. Repeated use is not available.
  • Module type Process/Temperature Controller : SRZ
    The SRZ is a DIN rail mounted module type temperature controller. 4 or 2-loop control can be performed with a single compact module....

  • Compact
    Width 30mm, depth 85mm (connector type : 76.9mm) compact design with 4ch control type.
    Distributed installation
    Modules can be remotely distributed by connecting them via RS-485 communication. Up to 16 Z-TIO (128 DIs) and 16 Z-DIO (128 DOs) modules can be connected to one serial communication line by distributed installation.
    The maximum number of modules connected by distributed installation is 31.
    High-speed communication for large channel systems, Program-less connection to PLC's
    Z-COM module can manage data from connected control modules via highspeed bus connection. MAPMAN program-less connection to PLC is also available.
  • Ramp/Soak Controller : PZ Series
    Applicable for the mid-scale program control applications. Max. 256 segments<br />(16 patterns by 16 segments)...

  • At-a-glance view of current status
    The large LCD display provides various information about the control status.
    It is obvious at first glance to see the program running properly.
    High resolution display for high temperature ranges
    The high resolution display is suitable for various industrial furnaces, ovens and pottery kilns that need high temperature ranges.
    Automatic configuration for each machine
    Level-PID function is available on many of our program controllers. Multiple PID levels are automatically calculated and set by the controller itself.
    The controller automatically completes the initial setup, requiring no advanced skills.
    Various functions comparable to higher end models adapt the controller suitable for many applications.

    Max. 256 segments (16 patterns by 16 segments).
    Up to four individual time signal outputs per pattern.
    The use of logic operation enables handling complicated external sequences up to four points per DO.
    Programless connection to PLCs
    A PLC special protocol (MAPMAN) function becomes a Master Unit to PLC, and automatically stores temperature data into registers in a PLC.
    This enables easy handling of temperature control system to the exiting PLC system is available.
  • Temperature/Process Controller : FZ Series
    The outstanding design of the FZ which is beyond the common image of panel meters dramatically changes the first impression....

  • Three Indicators
    Thin bezel
    Selectable PV (Universal input)
    Selectable Remote input (Universal input)
    Measuring Accuracy : ±0.1% of reading
    Sampling Time : 0.05 sec.
    Selectable Control method (Heat/Cool)
    Two Input Control (FZ400/900)
    Easy maintenance with plug-in construction (FZ400/900)
    Easy data back up through the front loader port

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