SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o.

Czech Republic
  • Booth: M0448
  • - 4th Floor

This year we celebrate 20YEARS of experience and innovation



We are a manufacturer of Front-end Semiconductor Equipment from the Heart of Europe

In the last year SVCS concentrated in development of  automation for both Wafer Transfer from Cassettes to Boats and also for lifting the Boats into the Furnace Tube in a Horizontal Furnace and Robotic System for our new Vertical Furnace. A great success was facelift of our "Table-top" model of R&D Small Batch Horizontal Furnace. Last but not least - SVCS joined the Team developing Minimal Fab Equipment - PE ALD - as the first Non-Japanese company.

Our experience is based on a long history and tradition of the Semiconductor Industry in former Czechoslovakia, in a place called the Czech Silicon Valley.  For over 20 years we have been striving towards develompent of the tomorrow’s tools and tomorrow’s process innovations. To do this successfully, we cooperate with leading R&D laboratories, universities and scientific institutes.



  • Compact Tabletop Furnace
    Unique compact design, all features of the Grown-up Furnace...

  • The SVCS Tabletop Furnace system provides a semiconductor grade quality tool for universities, R&D laboratories and pilot fabs. This system can be used for wide range of processes due to outstanding flexibility and amount of optional modules available to meet special and often unique requirements of every customer.


    | Ideally suited for R&D labs and pilot fabs

    | Small footprint

    | Table or standalone solution (with stands)

    | Stackable desing (e.g. double tabletop variant)

    | Low power consumption

    | Easy operation and maintenance

    | Heating element with 1 or 3 temperature zones and max. temperature up to 1300 °С

    | Modern modular proprietary control system

    | Up to 8 gas lines and 2 liquid sources

    | Independent hardware safety interlocks

    | Integration of vacuum pump systems in cooperation with leading pump manufacturers

  • PE ALD Reactor for Minimal Fab
    New Czech-Japan R&D Project...

  • Key features:

    | PE ALD reactor for thin film depositions on 12.5mm wafers

    | No need for a Cleanroom

    | Proprietary control system for processes

    | User interface running on Windows IoT for operating personnel

    | Unified Minimal frame design

    | Low power consumption | Remote control

  • Vertical Furnace
    Scallable for Production or R&D Applications...

  • SVCS Vertical Thermal Reactor (VTR) is designed for all standard Atmospheric and Low Pressure CVD Processes. VTR is available with several lengths of flat zone for both Mass Production and R&D Application. The Single Tube Set-Up with Dual Boat Logistics is optimized for minimum downtime as well as low maintenance costs.


    | Automatic wafer handling system for loading wafers from SMIF or FOUP closed pods

    | Special automatic loading system which allows loading wafers from open cassettes and provides an exceptionally small footprint

    | Quartz or SiC boats can be used

    | State of the art modular control system, in house designed, highly tailored and in house manufactured

    | 10,4“ high-res touchscreen for operator interface 

  • Wafer Transfer Systems
    Loading Automation for Horizontal Furnace and Robotic System for Vertical Furnace...

  • HTR Boat Elevator

    The Boats with Wafers are loaded and unloaded into a rack at a base position of the Furnace, in an ergonomic height for the Operator. This eliminates the possibility of both personal and material accidents. Then the loading system automatically moves the rack with boats and place the boats on a designated paddle. Typical configuration for Boat Elevator is 5 boats each with 50 slots each (200 mm wafers) and 6 boats (150 mm wafers).

    VTR Robotic Transfer System

    A Special automatic loading system which allows loading wafers from open cassettes and provides an exceptionally small footprint. Completely installed inside Furnace loading area. Correct Wafer Position is automatically verified.

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