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CHPT proviede vertical probe card total solution.

Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd. (CHPT) was founded on Aug. 26, 2005. It was located in Pingzhen Industrial Park, Taoyuan City. CHPT was the high-speed PCB team in the Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories. We have been focusing on the interface board services required for testing in the semiconductor industry since 2001. Our primary products are Load Board for IC test, probe PCB for wafer test, substrate for vertical probe card and DUT board for memory test.
CHPT stands out from other competitors in the industry by integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, engineering (precise mechanism) and after-sale service. We uphold the philosophy “In House, One Stop Shop” and provide complete, fast and customized service to our customers.
With years of effort, we are experienced in PCB layout design, including the transmission line, differential line, delay line, RF and Mix, and difficult PCB process technologies, including the slab, fine line and high aspect ratio. We also provide total solutions including the part and component assembly service (with the relay, socket and stiffener) and after-sales repairs. Famous domestic and international customers adopt and acknowledge our product and choose us as their primary supplier.
The end product changes rapidly and semiconductor technology is highly-developed. The customer becomes more demanding for circuit quality and signal speed of the interface board. We are aware of the competition in the industry that the customer is involved in. Our goal is always to help customers obtain the test board earlier and launch the product before other competitors. Our employees strive for enhancing the “process technology, manufacturing capability, early delivery and customer service” to assist customers in increasing their market competitiveness.
We continue to invest in the development of new technology and process and grow with our customers to meet the increasing application demand from customers and ensure the quality and capability of service. We train our engineers to become professionals to provide complete solutions to customers. They can provide high-quality test boards and rapid technology service in RF, SOC, driver, memory, chip set, graphic and consumer. We endeavor to upgrade the semiconductor industry in Taiwan.

 Press Releases

  • 全球半導體測試介面領導廠商中華精測(6510)最新3H高溫、高針數、高電流之探針卡於今(24)日2020 SEMICON TAIWAN 國際半導體展上亮相。中華精測總經理黃水可表示,人工智慧(AI)、5G終端應用需求引領半導體產業從設計、製造、封裝到測試皆朝異質整合技術方向發展,以達到讓晶片更多功、高速與省電,伴隨著產業技術的演進,中華精測亦成功透過自有AI智慧製造生產出最新3H探針卡,滿足異質整合時代複雜的測試需求。


    然而,進入高速運算的AI與5G晶片,其核心處理器所需搭載之週邊晶片量只增不減,因此如何在異質整合的架構下讓晶片尺寸變得更小、傳輸速度更快、電流供應量更大,正考驗著半導體產業鏈裡每一關鍵廠商的技術力。中華精測自製3H探針卡,高溫特性,可承受溫度高達攝氏150度,將可解決晶片在進行多功測試時所產生快速增溫的高熱問題 ; 為滿足AI人工智慧晶片所需要的高速運算,以及5G通訊晶片須符合寬頻、低延遲、廣連結等效能要求,系統單晶片裡得規劃更多更複雜的電路,所以其接腳數及所需功率亦大幅提升,因此中華精測推出的單晶可達5萬針高密度及電流600 安培高功率探針卡,將可滿足高度整合晶片的測試需求,助力客戶克服異質整合晶片複雜的測試關鍵問題。

    中華精測能成功推出高品質3H探針卡,正是透過廠內自建的AI製造生態系統,自製生產探針、IC載板、以及印刷電路板等全系列半導體測試介面產品。在2020 SEMICON TAIWAN 國際半導體展會上,中華精測亦首度將廠內All In House Probe Card By AI影片公開播放,其中自製植針機技術更成了業界關注的焦點。

    中華精測發展AI智慧製造的成果,不僅僅成功落地生產出高階探針卡,亦於今年9月份正式成立「智動化事業處」,該新事業處黎進財處長,於明(25)日出席2020 SEMICON Taiwan國際半導體展之先進測試論壇,發表「3H probe card by AI」專題演講。

    中華精測在9月23~25日國際半導體展,假南港展覽館一館K2186展出全系列之產品。更多本公司2020 SEMICON Taiwan活動訊息請至中華精測官網新聞中心 ; 或洽國際半導體產業協會官網  (完)

  • (20200928)


  • 3H Probe Card
    High Temperature (150°C) / High Current (600A) / High Pin Count (50,000 pins)...

  • CHPT operates “all in house” business model. We are capable to integrate and optimize the probe cards design, to converge multiple simulations, as well as prompt manufacturing and services. For high performance computing and artificial intelligence trend in the future, CHPT offers high temperature, high current, and high pin count features probe cards to customers.

    The probe card is made by artificial intelligence, using smart equipment and timely monitored manufacturing processes systems. Through intelligence manufacturing, CHPT is committed to providing high-quality products to customers.

    3H Probe Card Features

    -- High Temperature (150°C)
    Able to meet test requirement from -40°C to 150°C. The probe card is to test wide range of applications such as HPC and automotive chips. 

    -- High Current (600A)
    The probe card sustains high current that reaches 600A, and it is suitable for testing CPU, GPU, FPGA, AI and other high performance chips.

    -- High Pin Count (50,000 pins)
    CHPT leads in the high pin count Probe Card with around 50,000 pins. The probe card is applied to test AI and multi-dut AP chips. 

  • AIoT sensor

  • Develop an online high-precision chemical liquid sensor, which can instantly analyze the concentration of various chemical liquid metals (ions), organic and inorganic compounds, which can be used in semiconductor, PCB, chemical industry, testing, environmental engineering, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Furthermore, the integration of the IoT and intelligent technology could produce higher ecological application value.

  • Edge computing system

  • It can integrate the original equipment, MES, RFID, AGV, PLC, AIoT, and embedded artificial intelligence. It can calculate and infer according to the collected data, and realize the practical solution of equipment intelligence.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Coordinate with the edge computing system, collect and analyze data in real-time, and monitor product quality and environmental anomalies. It Bases on timely production dynamics, predicts the production results, controls the equipment with the best parameters, and then ensure the production quality, achieve the improved yield, reduce human errors, and save costs for the enterprise.

  • Intelligent management platform

  • Intelligent management platform: A platform that operates with eight modules of equipment, includes, sensors, AI operations, data reports, abnormal alert tracking, 3D SCADA, CCTV, and APP intelligent management, providing a complete solution for enterprise production management, manufacturing, logistics, machine equipment, quality, environment, facilities, and personnel management, to achieve the needs of enterprise penetration and real-time intelligent management.

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