Sun-Opto Technology Corp.

Hsinchu County,  GA 
  • Booth: I2225
  • - 1st Floor

Sun-Opto Technology Corp. Company Profile

Sun-Opto Technology Corp. specializes in Cleanroom, ESD Control, Sealing products, Cleaning & Plasma Etching Equipment and products that are applied in Semiconductor, Flat Panel, Electronics markets. We offer the following products and solution:

1. Cleanroom and Cleaning Products:

  • Cleanroom use Clean papers, Wipers, Clean Roller

  • NBR/PVC/Latex Gloves, Mask, Cotton Swabs

  • Panel and Optical lens cleaning wiper, Swabs

  • Wafer/IC spacer, packaging products, Desiccator…

  • ESD Wrist/Ground monitoring, Field meter, Resistance meter

  • ESD File, L-shape file, ESD packing products

  • Cleanroom use cleaning Mop, Cleaning solution

    2. Sealing Products:

  • O-ring for CVD, Sputter, Dry Etch, Wet Etching/ Cleaning...Application

  • Pads for Robot pick & place

  • Customs design shape/ Bonding Gate Door o-ring…

3. LCD/FPD Process equipment:

  • LCD Array process Plasma Etch、AOI Inspection

  • Cassette Cleaner、Panel Cleaner、APR Cleaner

  • Concentration monitoring in chemicals solvent/ solution

  • Viscosity meter and monitoring in chemicals, Photoresist

    Food, Resin, Paper Pulp…etc.

    4. ESD Control, ESD Monitoring System

     -  Alpha ionizing equipment, Ionizing bar/Blower、End of Line/POU Alpha Ionizer

        Ionmaster- Ionizer Balance & Discharge Performance system

     -  ESC monitoring system

     -  Photo/ Soft X-ray Ionizer

     -  EUV Ionizer for Vacuum Process chamber

     -  Personal Grounding monitoring,

        Equipment Grounding monitoring

    5. Cleanroom 3rd party Testing Service

     -  Cleanroom Testing/ PAO Testing

     -  Pharmaceutical/ Bio/ NSF Cleanliness Testing

     -  Glove/ Isolator Cleanliness Testing

     -  CDA/ N2 Gas Particle Cleanliness Testing

     -  ESD Conductive Floor Testing

    6.  Surface Particle/ Deposition Particles Monitoring

     -  PartSens Surface Deposition Particles Monitoring

     -  APMON Cleanroom Deposition Particles Monitoring

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