Sigold Optics, Inc.

Hsinchu City, 
  • Booth: K3072
  • - 1st Floor

SiGold Optics is a subsidiary company of our mother company MACHVISION (TW: 3563). SiGold is established in 2015, focus on semiconductor related AOI tool business.
It's main business projects includes equipment measurement and inspection of wafer and chip on film that make it a professional equipment manufacturer for machine vision inspection and measurement systems. Its product line consist of mainly machine vision systems, which integrate technologies such as optical imaging systems, image processing, precision machinery, and motion control, and can be used to non-contact precision measurement and automatic optical inspection system (AOI) and automatic appearance inspection system (AVI), providing complete solutions for machine vision applications, including various high-end components, modules, as well as complete application systems, project plans, etc. The company is the first in the country to pioneer on application of linear scanning technology (ultra-high-speed, high-resolution) to precision inspections such as semiconductors and chip on film, with the measurement technology having been upgraded from 2D planar measurement to 3D measurement and the equipment advancing from those for quality control sampling to the production equipment for full inspection, making its technology ahead of the industry.
Our philosophy is simple and clear: Provide the most advanced design, the best products, and the best service to our customers. SiGold Optics is committed to providing our customers with the best quality of service for each project carried out.