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GRINTIMATE PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD, - a professional manufacturer of high-precision hydrostatic grinding machines, with exclusive hydrostatic bearing technology, including advanced hydrostatic bearing spindles, hydrostatic rotary worktables and hydrostatic guideway modules.  Full series are equipped with a hydrostatic bearing system, providing high-precision, high-quality, low-wear and environmentally friendly precision processing machines to our customers.

The hydrostatic bearing system features high rigidity, vibration resistance, non-contact between metals, high loading capacity and long service life, well regarded in high-tech industries, electric vehicle industries, aerospace, medical, metal processing industries, perfect for the grinding of a wide range of materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, tungsten steel, ceramics, wafer, SiC, optical glass, etc.  Not only greatly improve the grinding efficiency but also maintain a stable and high precision accuracy during grinding.

Our main products include hydrostatic cylindrical plunge grinding machines-special purpose (CTS-100), hydrostatic cylindrical plunge grinding machines (CDC-series), hydrostatic cylindrical angular grinding machines (CAC-series) and horizontal hydrostatic rotary surface grinder (GRC-series).  A new model will be presented at SEMICON TAIWAN 2021 in this September.  Let’s expect it!!

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  • With the scale of 5G and the rise of electric vehicles industries, Silicon wafers, gallium nitride GaN, and silicon carbide (SiC) applications are growing.  The pre-process of wafer grinding is including lapping and grinding for rough grinding or rough polishing followed by Chemical Mechanical Polishing(CMP).  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  The first one causes small scratches on the surface, poor quality & inefficiency.  The last one causes the extreme inefficiency & bad roughness.  Therefore, GRINTIMATE Horizontal Hydrostatic Rotary Surface Grinder (GRC-series) has been launched and presented at 2020 SEMICON TAIWAN with enthusiastic response.

    GRC-series are equipped with a hydrostatic bearing spindle and hydrostatic rotary worktable, with characteristics of high rigidity and high vibration resistance, non-friction and non-stick slip , supporting an eccentric stress and high centrifugal force processing.  The spindle and work table run-out can easily reach <1μm.  The rotary table maintains a load capacity of >10,000kg.   The stability of hydrostatic can effectively improve scratches and grinding efficiency, maintain long service life, greatly lower maintenance costs, and enhance machine stability during operation, which is very suitable for hard and fragile material processing, such as SiC, Alumina, Zirconia, Porous Ceramics and Chuck Table and etc.

  • Over the past 30 years, based on the beneficial comparation, division of labor and specialization in global supply chain, which allows the continued innovative development worldwide in Semiconductor industry. With this architecture, the US is committed to the range of IC design and sales, Japan and Netherlands are dedicated in IC materials and equipment while Taiwan, South Korea, and China are focus on production and manufacture. In order to enhance the competition in Taiwan, the Grintimate is dedicated in developing high-precision, high-quality, low vibration, environmentally machine tools to keep up with the growing of semiconductor industry for a wide range of processing requirement. At the moment, the global semiconductor industry competition has been turning white-hot situation, apart from production processing, yield rate, or production capacity, and the newly use of material is critical. The material revolution caused by the third generation of semiconductor industry, which is mainly with GaN and SiC materials. In order to provide a wide range of materials in grinding application, with the exclusive hydrostatic spindle technology, which could enhance the stability and rigidity of machine, providing the optimized processing equipment for clients.

    The most important core technology of Grintimate is with the exclusive hydrostatic spindle technology, all the products are equipped with a hydrostatic spindle.  In order to widely applied in the gradually growing industries for high-precision processing, such as semiconductor, electric automobile, automation intelligence, and aerospace industries, etc.  The wheel spindle of plunge type cylindrical grinder (CDC-series) and angular type cylindrical grinder (CAC-series) features high-rigidity, high vibration resistance, high load-capacity, and temperature rise resistance, the spindle run-out can easily reach < 1.0μm, perfectly on heavy cutting efficiency and mirror surface performance.  The CAC series has excellent precision not only on O.D. surface, taper surface, forming O.D. surface, R surface, grooved surface, and end-face surface, but also be widely used in target and Sapphire crystal column grinding.


  • Wafer Grinding Machine (GTR-1215)
    To improve the yield of thinning process by hydrostatic technology. Perfectly for high-speed backside thinning and grinding of hard & brittle materials such as sapphire substrates, silicon wafers, ceramics, optical glass, quartz crystals and etc....

  • 1. Touch Panel Human Machine Interfaces, achieve a high level of visualization & easy operation.

    2. High-precision automatic measurement of wafer thickness before and after grinding, automatic compensation.

    3. With processing data archiving function, easy management.

    4. Monitor the grinding load during processing, automatically compensate the thickness according to grinding wheel wear.

    5.Provide the best Ra & flatness to improve the yield & efficiency on polishing process.

  • Horizontal Hydrostatic Rotary Surface Grinder(GRC)
    Standard equipped with hydrostatic bearing spindle & hydrostatic rotary worktable, perfect for the grinding on different materials combination workpieces & ceramics in the semiconductor industry, greatly improves production efficiency....

  • 1.One-piece base casting design offers the best support and ensures a load rigidity of the machine.

    2.The guideway is designed in the non-processing area, prolong the service life of ball screws, linear guideway and linear scale.

    3.Direct-drive design between spindle motor & hydrostatic bearing spindle plus full power output of the motor, which enhances the processing efficiency and solves the wear and vibration problems caused by conventional belt.

    4.Great performance on high precision grinding & mirror surface grinding.

    5.Auto dressing & auto compensation.

    6. Electro-Magnetic Chuck & Vacuum Chuck available, to satisfy various applications.

    7. Mitsubishi controller available, with human-machine interface (HMI) which features fast communication and convenient control for user-friendly operation.