Yxlon International - a company of Comet Group

Hsinchu County, 
  • Booth: L1128
  • - 4th Floor

High-resolution X-ray and CT inspection systems

Yxlon, a company of the Comet Group, designs and manufactures x-ray inspection systems for the widest variety of applications and industries. Our customers include some of the largest producers: they place their faith and confidence in us worldwide. As the market leaders in the electronic industry, Yxlon continues to innovate where it matters most. Even the most critical observers agree our images, produced by tried and tested technologies together with cutting-edge solutions like our FeinFocus tubes, are world class.

A comprehensive global network of eight service centers and more than 50 service partners is the foundation of our innovative and modular support solutions. From Asia to Africa and America to Europe, highly qualified personnel are on call to help you quickly and efficiently.

Yxlon International belongs to the Swiss Comet Group, which provides solutions based on two core technologies: Radio frequency for controlling plasma processes and x-ray and CT.


  • YXLON Cheetah EVO
    X-ray Inspection for the Semicon Industry - Maximum Resolution at Minimum Voltage...

  • Semicon devices are the key elements of electronic systems. Due to their compactness and density, their testing requires maximal image resolution at low power and low voltage.

    Yxlon Cheetah EVO Semi offers best 3D defect resolution including automatic void analysis at highest level with VoidInspect.


    - Wafer inspection

    - 3D integrated circuit joints

    - Microbumps

    - Sensors

    - MEMS and MOEMS

    - TSVs

    Benefits for Semiconductors:

    - Accurate, repeatable void compilations, including multi area voiding

    - Fast, automated, easy routines

    - Best available laminography (micro3Dslice)

  • VoidInspect CL
    Automatic Void Calculation...

  • Developed by Yxlon - Powered by ORS

    Three unrivalled tools going hand in hand for reliable, repeatable, and quick results.

    1.  Acquisition of a computed laminography scan (CL) with FGUI user interface.

    2. Reconstruction of the CL volume with FF CT software.

    3. Void calculation with VoidInspect ensures highest product quality.

    SPEED: Up to 5x faster than comparable software in the market

    FLEXIBILITY: Applicable for a wide range of components

    QUALITY: Best computed laminography in the market means best results

    REPEATABILITY: 0% deviation in one volume, measured several times; <1% deviation in different volumes, several acquisitions of the same component