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Microprogram offers the technical services of industrial IoT. We commit ourselves to bring all of us a better and sustainable life. We focus on the three major fields of e-payment, wireless sensing, and cloud data. Based on the core technologies of user research, vertical integration of software and hardware technologies, edge sensing devices, mobile apps, cloud service platforms and big data analysis, we are able to help different industries, including transportation, finance, retail, manufacturing and bicycles, to innovate and upgrade themselves.

No matter whether it’s taking public transport systems with electronic tickets, taking a cruise in the city on a rented public bicycle, shopping at a mall, introducing the IoT technology to the manufacturing industry or industrial automation, the convenient services from Microprogram are everywhere to be seen in our lives. We also cooperate with electronic ticket, third-party payment and financial institutions to actively tap the diverse payment market, driving the services of different industries to achieve a more comprehensive, convenient, and smart life of technology.

With over twenty years of R&D experience, Microprogram is one of the few technical vendors in Taiwan capable of cross-industry technical integration. We are also involved in the service transformation of many industrial partners. Our fields of cooperation include transportation, everyday living, and industry. Regarding transportation, it includes electronic tickets for public bicycles, taxis, buses, MRT and railways as well as roadside parking and smart parking areas. Regarding everyday living, it covers smart bicycle riding services, vending machines, e-payment at malls, smart keyless e-locks and smart e-tickets. Regarding industry, it involves the confined space application of the petrochemical industry and the smart diagnosis and prediction of the semiconductor industry. We are committed to developing a close partnership with our partners to gain an insight into the core technical know-how and create sustainable values for the industries together.

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  • Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution
    The “Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution” is for reducing the huge losses caused by machine malfunctions and shutdowns during the manufacturing process of semiconductors and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturers...

  • The aging of machines is monitored by vibration-sensing so that failure positions can be discovered earlier. If abnormal collisions occur during the monitoring process, they will be reported and displayed on the screen; it will also be connected to the customer’s system to upload real-time data, and to detect wafer damages or glass fragments as soon as possible. The “Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution” can be applied on various machines that have reduced yield rates or shutdowns due to vibrations, providing more precise and mind-easing manufacturing operations for customers.

    This solution has already been applied on semiconductors and FPD machines with customized development of Machine Fault Discovery System and Vibration Monitor for Wafer Scratches (refer to the demo video) and other systems; diverse equipment vibration monitoring modes were also provided in response to the various monitoring environments and requirements.
  • Oxygen Detector
    “Oxygen Detector” has 0~25% oxygen content detection function; users can set the upper and lower warning limits according to their needs and respectively set the oxygen concentration % for alarm sounds, light signals and relay outputs, etc...

  • Oxygen Detector” is mainly used to detect the ratio of oxygen content in the ambient air. The oxygen content of the atmosphere is 20~21%; if it is less than 18%, the human body will start having symptoms of hypoxia. Therefore, in dangerous locations such as places with limited space or lack of oxygen, the oxygen content in the air of such spaces needs to be determined in order to prevent dangers from occurring after personnel enter. This product has 0~25% oxygen content detection function; users can set the upper and lower warning limits according to their needs and respectively set the oxygen concentration % for alarm sounds, light signals and relay outputs, etc. It is also equipped with a large text display that is clear and easy to read, has a buzzer, light signal warning and Digital Output functions.