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Perfect Your Soldering Process (3S/廣化 股票代碼:5297)

3S is the expert of power device soldering process equipment.

3S has always maintained the philosophy of Fairness, Honesty, Credibility, and Solidness since its founding more than 20 years ago. We constantly strive for perfection and innovation. Today, we have become the best partner for power device companies all over the world.

3S Silicon Tech specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of discrete power device packaging equipment and offers various solutions.

The vacuum reflow oven is a fully automated smart machine that adopts the design of independent heated zone control. Its temperature uniformity can reach plus and minus 5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature can reach 450 degrees Celsius,and with vacuum reflow process,we can reduce effecticaly the product’s soldering void rate to less than 2%

It can also be used with the Flux Collector System so flux created during the process can be filtered through electrostatic precipitation, condenser, and cotton filter to emit clean gases.

3S Silicon Tech’s automatic circulation system can be customized to best suit your production line by reducing jig deterioration and production capacity loss caused by human negligence. 3S Silicon Tech strives to help its customers achieve Industry 4.0 requirements.

As a leading brand of clip die bonder, 3S Silicon Tech’s pursuit of perfection in clip die bonder equipment is relentless. Its quality of clip trimming, consideration of customer production capacity, and optimization of machine function demonstrate its uncompromising stance and insistence of perfection in clip process. You can be assured that 3S Silicon Tech can offer you the best solution for your clip process requirements.

3S Silicon Tech spares no effort in development of die bond equipment and maintains an unswerving core competiveness in terms of motion control verification, stability of pick and place accuracy, customized function requirements, and makes progress in production capacity. It constantly improves its die bond equipment system and creates a highly recognized brand and company image of 3S.