Ming Chiang Precision Co., Ltd.

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Stamping Mold designing, manufacturing are all in Taiwan.

Ming Chiang Precision Co., Ltd.

What we do?

Ming Chiang Precision Co., LTD.  is professional in manufacturing stamped metals, including precision mold design and development. Tooling, manufacturing and packaging are all produced in-house.

We have unique practical experience in handling a wide range of materials from  steel, brass, aluminum and other material . Our suppliers are carefully selected to provide us with the right and most cost effective materials. Above all, we are confident that we can provide you with customized metal stampings and components to meet the requirements of each project and solve your problems.

Ming Chiang has been pursuing improvement, so we have passed a number of certifications.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 13485:2016

IATF 16949:2016

What we offer?

  • Tool assembly for  Progressive and  Stage Mold .
  • We provide PPAP level 3 for automotive and medical parts.
  • The raw materials and anodizing treatments are conforming to RoHS compliant with import countries environmental regulation.
  • Technical Support Service Partner.
  • We have knowledgeable tool makers and designers whose skilled craftsmanship reflects high quality of work. Our products include EMI Shielding, antennas, springs, automotive parts, burr-free light weight complex forms and other features.

Our Promise

  • Safe and quality assurance
  • We produce quality for each product
  • Quality makes us unique
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction
  • Excellent Service


  • Coin Cell Battery Holder
    Ming Chiang has developed a new product Coin Cell Battery Holder.This is a common use in the market nowadays.Very simple design to solve various compatibility issues of your product needs....

  • MING CHIANG PRECISION CO., LTD. is offering you it’s first ever STANDARD products that are made 
    suitable for every customer’s needs. COIN CELL BATTERY HOLDER is a metal stamped component 
    that holds coin cell battery in a stable position while transmitting power from the battery to the 
    The Standard Coin Cell Battery Holder is intended for the various types of battery coin cells that are 
    present on the market. Standard Specification as 0.25 mm thick phosphor bronze material plated 
    with Nickel under 100% Tin that offers better performance and durability.   
    Ming Chiang’s very own standard Coin Cell Battery Holders are open for small to huge order 
    demand. Unit prices will vary depending on the minimum order quantity and packaging type. 

  • CNC Parts
    Outstanding performance for machining high speed, small diameter applications and can do both long and short workpieces with complex shapes....

  • When processing CNC components, precision is the most importance.

    It is necessary to provide high quality products in economical and accurate way.

    Ming Chiang specializes in the production of CNC machined parts for various industries, which will surely meet your project needs