D J Tech Chip Test Co.

Kaohsiung City, 
  • Booth: K3080
  • - 1st Floor

We are focus at AEC-Q100 and -40 °C FT.

Our main product is three temp module freezer. The freezer designed for IC testing and research , the frozen head on freezer contact chip directly, without loss of the frozen capacity, load capacity driven by a compressor is heavy and stability, temperature rise and fall rapidly, easy to control, with durable frozen head.

Further, the refrigerant it used is environmental protection , non-toxic, non-combustion, no liquid nitrogen, no peltier cooler, non-hot air circulation, non-cold air circulation, temperature stability without fluctuation. The refrigeration systems is automatic pressure balance design, automatic refrigerant flow control.

We have a number of invention patents.

The application is for low temperature cooling Test of automotive IC / 3DIC / high value IC, specially use about AEC-Q100 protocol.

Customized design and manufacturing is optional for the ultra-high load 300W / 500W.

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